A Package of custom made icons for Company of Heroes and its expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor. The Package includes 31 icons, symbols and portraits. A ReadMe and preview image are included in the package.

Icon Pack v20160311
roman9441 - - 1,183 comments

very nice. I hope mod release soon this look awesome for all icon :)

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AliceMargatroid - - 1 comments

Which directory should I install it? The Read Me has no instructions.

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Guest - - 698,756 comments

┬┐Como instalo esto donde lo pongo?

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Mossh - - 1 comments

Hola, ┬┐supiste donde instalarlo? tengo la misma duda y al parecer nadie responde. :(

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Streetlightmanifest - - 17 comments

yay released

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