All i can say is that it plays out in a heretic/hexenish world. PORT: GZDoom, Skulltag (Only these will work) (zdoom will not work) Meet your worst nightmares in this total conversion. Travel trough the lands of unholy, the snowy mountains of Danorka, the hot desert of Eisen, and the flaming pits of Clarcon. The quest is about to begin. You play the 26-year old William Swain. He and his trusted arsenal, shall save the worlds from a twilight destruction. Has three levels in first episode, and one in the second episode. Comes with TerrorLake, an extra level.

Hentes - Twilight Destruction BETA 1.3
RodVeska - - 135 comments

Does this only have two levels right now? I was playing the mod and all I found were three original levels. Now I'm back to Doom II classic. Please explain?

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TheUnbeholden Author
TheUnbeholden - - 3,617 comments

Theres 5, three in episode 1, one in episode 2. And a extra level, terror lake.

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