Hard Life 2.1 - for Call of Chernobyl 1.2.39 (outdated). Patches for STCOP, OWR 3.0.2 and AO 3.2.2 inside the zip (see readme).

Hard Life 2.1 - for CoC 1.2.39 (outdated)

from the read me
New in HF 2.1
- new faction relations (csky is now neutral to ecolog and you can take the job from marshes)
- lower the actor loadout for some factions, so they don't have to much.
- tweaked the actor values to be more close to misery.
- tweaked the damages (if you think that this make the npcs to strong, you can delete the file "damages" from gamedata/configs/creatures - be sure to put back the file that is for your weapons addon, if there is one)
- tweaked the immunities sistem - but be aware of anomalies (they can kill you instantly)
- more improvement to the ai of npcs (based on misery)
- some tweaks for armed zombies, based on misery.

What's new in Hard Life 2.0:
- The zone is more alive (monsters and npcs spawn often and in more numbers)
- NPCs are stronger
- I implemented the AI from Misery (as much I was capable to do) - credits go to Trojanuch and Alundaio from Team Misery - T.Z.P.
- I bring some little touch from Misery for the actor view (like the crosshair is now smaller)

It's working with "Radio Misery" addon, of course! And the atmosphere of the game is more Misery like.

More to come, like the possibility to sell pda and mutant parts and a damages system inspired by Misery.

Hard Life 1.0
"Hard Life" try to make the life in the zone harder. So, i removed the minimap, i make the monsters more tougher, the food is now irradiated (except conserva), vodka does't increase your hunger (you have to eat and drink), but consumable are more bad now (no reusable medkit, less healing factor and more slow), you have less money when you began and the upgrades are more expensive, so you can't profit by repairing and selling guns. Also, i modify the relations between factions to be more logical (in my opinion).

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