Hardcore fan of the ukrainian game series (don't forget that!) Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, Call of Pripyat. And I have some ideas for a mod or two to those games. I want to create something but i am yet in the learning process.

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This is the thing. For a long time i just want it to play again CS but with a new good mod. So i look it on the moddb and mystery, ogsm and modpack from cs remix got my attention. From here i can not decide what to choose! I want something that change my gameplay, like ogsm, but also i want something that improve the aspect of the game making it more darker and more... misery (well, that is the mod that is the model for all the stalker mods) like mystery, with good and improved AI to make it harder. So, a merge was the answer here, but on moddb you can not found something like this. Finally, i found a merge on a russian site (where else you can find something like this?). For those in need like me this are too places from where you can download this things (you need an account on some cloud thing named yandex).
Just fallow the steps provided there. But download mystery in english from here Moddb.com and then download ogsm english version from here Mediafire.com(2).7z (thanks david.m.e. Moddb.com ) and then download the adaptation from here Disk.yandex.com . After this follow the steps:
1. install clear sky 1.5.10.
2. put the gamedata file from OGSM 1.8 in game directory.
3. put the gamedata file from Mystery and merge with the other one (just say yes to all)
4. put the gamedata file from adaptation file and merge again.

or you can try the other link.
This is a gamedata file with all combined. Download the file and put the gamedata file in game directory. But this is a mod in russian. So you have to download the english patch from here Moddb.com . I have try all of the ways and seems to work.

Mystery+OGSM clear sky
And here is a demonstration of the merged mods

Good Hunting, stalker!

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