These Huds look their best at 720p (1280x720) or 1080p (1920x1080). Colors: Red: Health < 1 - 100 > Orange: Health < 101 - 200 > Green: Armour < 1 - 100 > Blue: Armour <101 - 200 >

Fiendzys OtherM visorhud
lt.fiend - - 32 comments

Neat, Didn't expect to see my Hud on here...

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damianerx - - 22 comments

It's posible to add to show grenade number, and monters/kills?

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lt.fiend - - 32 comments

I could do that. < Monster kill count anyway >
that aside. I've updated the hud over on Zdoom where the visor
Changes Colour based on your Health Value.

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ZimEchoPentagram - - 1 comments

unfortunately it isnt there, which is a bummer cause i wanted to use it

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AngelSoul - - 26 comments

Do you have a better version of this mod? One compatible with Zanondrum and Brutal Doom? It would be highly appriciated.

I have minor graphical requests about it:
- have transparent techy stuff at the side of the visor (like measurement stats), like in the real hud
- Health/Shield and Ammo to be bigger, and in same place where it was in Metroid Other M.
- That HUD changes color depending on health, maybe as an option? I personally just prefer the reticule to be colored. :)

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sonicteam2k7 - - 103 comments

is there a way you could upload the visor that changes color depending on health?

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