Doom 2 The Way id Did is the long awaited sequel to 2011's smash hit gargantuan, Doom The Way id Did. It comprises 32 fully texture-mapped mazes that endeavour to both look and play as though they've come from Dallas, 1994. From the very toiling hands of Sandy, John and American! The idea was originally kicked about by Jason Root aka Hellbent, whose passion for the game and knack for growing enthusiasm resulted in one of the most successful community collaborations in Doomworld history – not to mention an impressive collection of more than 100 total submissions. While not quite as successful as the first project in this regard, painstaking lengths have been made by those involved to ensure that D2TWiD is as true a doppelganger of id's Doom 2 as it could ever be. And we hope you agree!

Doom 2 the way ID did

sorry for my noob question, but how do I install that Mod?
Thank you

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Which Doom port do you use ?

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None so far.
All I have is Doom 2 on Steam. So I'm starting from 0.

I would like to use the same port as you, so the MOD looks and feels just like in your Youtube Videos.

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Which youtube video ? I use GZDoom + Doom Runner launcher and some mods.

First you need your DOOM2.WAD file (located in \Steam\steamapps\common\Doom 2\base) to use a Doom port.

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I installed GZdoom now and ported my Doom2.wad, but don't know what to do with the 3 files of your Mod :-)

By the way:
I meant this Youtube Video:

I thought it was your Account.

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I'm just a user, not the author of the mod or the video ^^ But I'll try to help you.

To manage mods, it's better to use a mod manager with GZDoom. So I recommand Doom Runner :

1. Extract the archive in a folder called Doom Runner
2. Place inside it your GZDoom folder
3. In Doom Runner folder make alongside GZDoom folder, three folders : IWADs, Maps and Mods.
4. Place DOOM2.wad in IWADs folder
5. Place D2TWID.wad and D2TWID.txt (optionnal) in Maps folder. D2TWID.deh is not necessary.
6. Launch DoomRunner.exe

The Initial Setup window will display
1. Engines: click on + and add your GZDoom.exe
2. Directory with Maps: add Maps folder
3. Directory with Mods: add Mods folder
4. IWADs: choose Auto-update... and add the IWADs folder
5. Configure theme according to your preference if you want, and click on Done.
6. Click "More options" tab and check "Use preset name as target directory"

1. In Youtube video description download Beautiful Doom Modified (it's an old version modified with Brutal Doom weapons) and all addons. I use sometimes latest Beautiful Doom Git and Brutal Doom Platinum too, but for now pick Beautiful Doom Modified.
Alternative addons :
Latest Doom 3 textures :
Flashlight++ :
Liquid textures pack :
Smooth fluids :
2. Place all .pk3 files in your Mods folder (extract from rar or zip if compressed).

1. Go to Documents/My Game and delete GZDoom folder
2. Open GZDoom folder (in Doom Runner folder) and make an empty file called gzdoom_portable.ini (it's now the default config file)
3. Copy brightmaps.pk3 (there are better brightmaps mods but for now use this one) and lights.pk3 in your Mods folder
- Then click on "Files" tab in Doom Runner application
1. Create Preset : select Default preset
2. Select engine : select your GZDoom engine
3. Select IWAD : select DOOM2.wad
4. Select map pack : don't select map pack for now
5. Select config : select gzdoom_portable.ini
6. Add mods : add brightmaps.pk3 and lights.pk3
- Click on launch

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You can start a new game, then go to menu.

1. Select OPTIONS
- Click on "Full options menu"
- Click on "Simple options menu" to toggle off

2. Select Mouse options:
- Enable mouse in menus : Yes
- Cursor : choose a different cursor if you want, then go back to previous menu

3a. Select Player setup to customize your character, some actions, autoaim...

3b. Select Automap options to customize map colors and informations displayed (press tab to show map in game)

3c. Select HUD options to configure a crosshair

3d. Select HUD Options > Messages Options to customize or disable notifications messages on top screen

4. Select Miscellaneous Options
- Quick Exit : On
- Show ENDOOM screen : Off
- Disable Menu Clean Scaling : Off, then go back

5. Select Set video Mode
- Preferred Rendering API : Vulkan (or OpenGL if you have an old GPU)
- Forced ratio style : letterbox
You can configure ratio, Vsync, fps or resolution as your wish, then go back.

6. Select Display Options
- Shadows : Monsters and players (can be weird sometimes with shadows of the corpses)

7. Select Hardware Renderer
- Sector light mode : Software (most close to original Doom, you can change later for Beautiful Doom Modified)
- Adjust sprite clipping : Always (not suitable for shadows of the corpses, Smarter improve that but some elements will be a bit in the ground)
- Particle style : Round
- Rendering Quality : Quality, go back

8. Select Postprocessing
- Bloom Effect : On
- Lens distortion effect : On (set off later if you don't like it)
- Ambient occlusion quality : High
- FXAA Quality : Extreme, then go back 2 times

9. In Vulkan Options (Experimental) you can activate HDR if you have a compatible monitor and like that feature

10. Select Texture Options
- Texture Filter mode : none
- Anisotropic filter : 16x
- Precache GL textures : Yes, go back

11. Select Dynamic Light Options
- Light Shadowmaps : Yes
- Shadowmap quality : 1024
- Shadowmap filter : PCF (High)
Light Shadowmaps is required by some mods (none in part 3) or maps (not used in Doom 2 the way ID did). But if you have a week GPU or fps loss in some places with compatible stuff, reduces quality and filter.
Download Zero Brightness to show that feature :

12. In game use + and - on your keyboard to switch between HUD and Statusbar. You can adjust size in Options > HUD Options > Scaling Options

Exit game

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1. In GZDoom folder make a copy of gzdoom_portable.ini and rename it gzdoom_BeautifulModified.ini
2. In Doom Runner left panel (create preset) click on + (or right click, add) and rename your new preset: Beautiful Doom Modified
3. Select DOOM2.wad
4. Select D2TWID.wad (double click to show description if you'd copied the txt file, click on blank space to unselect map pack)
5. Select gzdoom_BeautifulModified.ini
Follow those steps every time you want to play a different gameplay mod (latest Beautiful Doom, Brutal Doom, Doom EXP, EVP, Siren MO, The Guncaster...) to avoid conflicts.

6. Add the following mods in that order :
- BDooMV632.pk3
- D3ForDTX_v4.2.pk3 OR D3ForDTX_v3.pk3
- LTP V6.8.pk3 OR fluids.pk3 OR (Z)-Warp1_BD&PB;_Default.pk3
- skyfire.pk3
- caulkpc.pk3
- flashlight_plus_plus_v8_5.pk3 OR Flashlights_BD.pk3
- TiltPlusPlus v1.65.pk3
No need to add brightmaps.pk3 and lights.pk3

Click launch and play ! Now you can adjust sector light (step 6 of part 5) to vanilla (more darker than software) or dark (similar to vanilla but without player glow. Good with flashlight mod)

Looking for a Doom II music pack ? Try these (active only one pack at a time in load order) :
DARs DOOM II Marathon :
DMC Music Replacer Library :
Doom II Midi OST Remake :
Doom Metal Soundtrack Mod :
Doom Ultimate Music Pack :
Garçons | Heavy Soundtrack for Doom :
Hotline Doom :
Painkiller Soundtrack :
Project Doom II :
Ultimate Dark Ambient PSX Music Pack :

Music Randomizer (in game go to Options > Customize Controls to bind keys):
Garçons Randomizer :
Hotline Doom Randomizer :
Metal Hellsinger music :
SynthDoom Mk4 :
Tool Music Randomizer :

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Many thanks, Man!
You helped me a lot ;)

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