A reproduction of the original Alone in the Dark mansion, including the underground caverns.You have been hired by Emily Hartwood, heiress to the cursed Derceto mansion, to search the grounds for the cause of the late Jeremy Hartwood's mysterious suicide. Ms. Hartwood believes the ancient house hides a terrible secret that drove her father mad. You decide to begin your search in the dusty old attic and work your way down from there, but as you climb the attic stairs a cold sense of dread washes over you -- several floors below you hear the slam of the front doors as they trap you inside. Something knows you're here. An unnatural storm brews outside as you clutch the grip of your pistol with a sweaty hand. Solving the Hartwood mystery may mean more than a mere paycheck now: it means the difference between life...and whatever ghastly fate Jeremy killed himself to avoid. This is a reproduction of the mansion from the original Alone i


Nice,i like me some Alone in the dark original trilogy.

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