Hello, this is the Kaurava System crusade led by the Black Templars to save the lost territories. I modified the Spaces Marine to allow BT to play. it works with the unification mod.

BT LostCityCrusade
Elzear_1er Author

C'est bon vous avez commencer à jouer et les Black Templars sont sympas, mais attention avec le déchargement des Thunder Hawks laissez le bien faire sinon il reprends l'unité et vous la retrouverez plus... Petit bug pas génant quand on le sait.

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Elzear_1er Author

Hi, you will be able to play the full campaign, but I haven't remade the briefing videos or the presentation comments. I only made sure of the atmosphere of the game in accordance with the wishes of the templars ... if you have any comments on the installation, let me know. You only need to have bugfix unification installed to make the mod work properly.
good game

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Black Templar Kaurava Crusade in Soulstorm and Unification mod
This is a complet crusade on the 4 planets and moons of Kaurava system.
STORY : When the Blood Raven's had finished the campaign they were few in number and
there remained a few lost territories at the bottom of the provinces.
The forces resumed and the Blood Raven demanded that the Templars order regain control of the provinces.

The Black Templars replace the Space Marins. Modeling of units and buildings, custom and adaptation to the "Campaign"
You will not be able to play the Marin's in this mod, they are like the Black Templars.
I plan to modify the AI ​​later now it's a bit complicated to understand it.
Thanks to Jones1979 who created this mod, which I customized for the campaign.
Blacks Templar: there is an additional reinforcement building after the Orbital Relais in the form of an SM relay antenna ...
Imperials Guards: I added the Stormtrooper in the Power building of the steel legion there are 2 Upgradable teams.
The Tau are in the TAU Orange colors and are slightly improved. Thanks to the developers of color Tau and their advice.
Tau: 2 custom can jump constructors
Orks: can increase population whith turret, and can go on tunnel in HQ only.
Eldars: Fortune augment regeneration of Wraithlord
SoB: modified assassin and i put a new skins thank's to her creator "leonardgoog" so beautifull, so crazy.

New Map in the campaign, the Fortresses are not changed except Space Marins Solitude, it becomes Montsegur. but is the same script.
The Black Templar are in the Fortress of Montsegur.
for StongHold maps the only change was the color of the Tau army. I still added bonus areas.
the maps are larger and Aviation compatible, I added a few maps on which I appreciated the atmosphere ...
Thanks to their creators, Photogenic horses in particular.
Nice visit to the Kaurava System don't get lost;)
Let the adventure begin ;) ^_^

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No way that this mod gets enough praise...IMHO excellent piece of work and dedication...thank you!!

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Merci pour ton super travail

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Par contre est ce que ton sous mod est compatible avec Unification Unlimited ?

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Elzear_1er Author

Bonjour Aubesanglante, merci pour le commentaire.
je l'aie testé seulement avec Unification, donc Unlimited je sais pas.
Les stronghold ont été modifiés si tu sait le faire remet les strongholds de base de ta campagne, je pense que se sera le seul plantage.
Sinon tiens moi au courant.
Innocence prouve nothing ;)

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