My edited version of a bdlite mod featuring some sprite changes to two weapons and with Zandronum 3.0 compatibility.

BDLite: DE (Zandronum)

Hello there, I wanted to do a test that brutal doom is the best for low-resource teams, and I thought that obviously this was the best on a par with meatgrinder, but no, I have a very low-resource pc and brutal doom black edition is more fluid than this mod in map of chaos (ok version), the reason is the blood, I don't know why, but it is the blood of this mod that even in the original version is like this, especially where this is noticed It is in the wad "tantrum 2", what happens? At the beginning of the map it has a lot of lag, it only happens with this version of brutal, why? Well, thank you for the versiĆ³n

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Delashin Author

hi there, this is a old version of bdlite i found somewhere so its probably badly optimized, i should do a remake with the latest version soon for now let this be a "zandronum version only that works badly on gzdoom because the code is outdated".

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An updated version of BDLite V1.2 can be found here: or see these other links: - ZDoom topic

And a Zandronum version can be found here:

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