I made a slight fix for both of Yuri's LoW weapons pack and for BaS, now you can have Yuri's weapon's descriptions and the full weapon BaS descriptions together! (so now you won't see _AK_BEARDS_ or _CUSTOM_K98_SCOPED_ and etc. in the text descriptions for the weapons anymore! thought i'd post this for others (requirements You need to download ((BaS)) Boomsticks and Sharpsticks *and then* the Lord Of War's weapon pack ((Yuri's mod)) to make this work first) instructions are provided in the rar for you to follow if your semi-new to this, plz for the love of god follow them. big ups to both Yuri And the BaS team for their beautiful weapon packs! (if Yuri and the BaS team want to choose to incorporate this fix into their compatibility packs, they can. and if they both chose to do so, then i'll just simply take this fix down as this would be then redundant and obsolete) as stated up above this fix, only contains one file (the text file) so you'll have to download *both* files.

BaS and LoW'S Weapons Text fix or patch (for English users)

Awesome! Thank you so much for this, I don't play with BaS as mentioned on my mod page and I had no idea that this was the only incompatibility!

I'll integrate this in the next shipment and give you full credit!

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OttoVonLitmarck Author

Your Welcome, Yuri! and thank you too! yup I'm also pretty sure, if not pretty certain here (that the only incompatible problem with BaS was indeed just with the text folder) everything else seems to work just fine with it.

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