More rewarding repair process in both gameplay satisfaction and monetary gain.

Balance Tweak - Repair Toolkits v1.1
Mahzra Author

Bug / glitch / hidden feature:

- Put an AO3 scope or sight on a weapon
- Open the Repair UI
- Select the scoped weapon
- Repair using a scope or sight of the same type as a spare part

Feed scopes and sights to valuable weapons to raise their condition cheaply.

Scopes and sights are very common in AO3. They're the most common thing I sell to traders aside from ammo. I am not sure if I should patch this out or not, but I'm leaning towards leaving it in.

Feedback would be appreciated.

(how many of you cheating bastards already knew this? :D)

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Did you know your thread about repairing bonus got locked? (the one here )

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