Replaces the green dot on artefact detector screens with a red dot to help with color blindness or for anyone who prefers a red dot.

Artefact Detector Red Dot [CoTZ 1.2]
R00573R - - 770 comments

Thank you very much. I'm sure there are more than a few Stalkers that will use this.

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kalidrone - - 1,425 comments

Simple, but INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE, thanks a lot! ^^

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Guest - - 693,354 comments

Would your red dot mod work for other stalker builds like vanilla stalker?

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mats11-rock - - 10 comments

Hello DoctorX!

Excuse me, I ask you, is there a possibility that you can add an add-on that recovers the call of pripyat feature that the npc was looking for artifacts in the anomalies with its detector? That would really give it a lot of immersion as in the original delivery.

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