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C-Consciousness is watching your mod. Anticipating any news that comes in the future, keep up the good work.

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doc could make a mod for version 1.4 on becoming a zombie type when you're killed by a controller or the level of psi emision I'm sorry if it's too crazy

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the dynamic faction relation mod by itself also works with S.T.A.L.K.E.R Dead Air would be worth reposting this to the dead air addon's as well as that's a growing mod. I haven't tried the other mods

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Hello Doc, sorry for disturbing, but I have a question:

I can't understand why Monolith guys are spawning where Duty should be. Here an example:

squad_id = 14
max_population = 1
respawn_params = respawn@mil_smart_terrain_7_4
respawn_idle = 172800


spawn_squads = duty_sim_squad_advanced, duty_sim_squad_advanced, duty_sim_squad_novice
spawn_num = 1

spawn_squads = duty_sim_squad_advanced, duty_sim_squad_advanced, duty_sim_squad_veteran
spawn_num = 1"

Whenever I approach this place a Monolith squad spawns. How this could be possible?

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Hello DoctorX!

In the questlines mod i've got a problem when doing simply anything in the game. walking pressing f to talk to npcs etc and i randomly just crash,
this is what shows in my log

pick_section_from_condlist: function is not defined in xr_conditions.script
! [SCRIPT ERROR]: ...all_of_chernobyl_1_4_12\gamedata\scripts\xr_logic.script:388: attempt to call a nil value


[error]Expression : <no expression>
[error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_error
[error]File : ..\xrServerEntities\script_engine.cpp
[error]Line : 189
[error]Description : fatal error

stack trace:

0023:0056399C xrCore.dll, xrDebug::fatal()
0023:047F1594 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IgnorePause()
0023:047F2505 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IgnorePause()
0023:047F2569 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IgnorePause()
0023:04B522E5 xrGame.dll, CxIOFile::Open()
0023:048BFC6E xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IgnorePause()
0023:048C5FAC xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IgnorePause()
0023:004496EE xrEngine.exe, CSheduler::Update()
0023:6C76EA00 MSVCR120.dll, _RTDynamicCast()
0023:0040CD4C xrEngine.exe, CObject::shedule_Scale()
0023:00448D2D xrEngine.exe, CSheduler::ProcessStep()
0023:6C76EA00 MSVCR120.dll, _RTDynamicCast()
0023:00449175 xrEngine.exe, CSheduler::Update()
0023:04984870 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::IgnorePause()
0023:6C6FE3EA MSVCR120.dll, vsprintf_s()
0023:004257D1 xrEngine.exe, CGameFont::Out()
0023:6CFBC1D6 d3d9.dll, Direct3DCreate9Ex()
0023:005659F8 xrCore.dll, xrCriticalSection::Leave()

I have searched it on google but i cannot find a solution

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Hey DoctorX, I had a very long comment written up but hit the character limit. I usually lurk so if there's a PM system here I don't see it.

Anyway if you remember a loooong while back I offered to give you feedback, well I've got some feedback for you but cannot post it as it's too long (4 pages in word at the moment).

If you have an email or any way for me to send it to you I'd be happy to do so, and reading through a few comments of yours I'd be happy to help you with ideas for Questlines 2.0 and any dialogue.

You also mentioned a dynamic dialogue system, I point you to Smoq's Total Factional Warfare for Clear Sky. The dialogue does have kinks at times but is dynamic.

Stalkers let you know if they're selling specific weapons, interested in buying weapons, can be asked about nearby artifacts or danger and they'll respond based on your reputation and rank in relation to them as well as what's actually going on in the world. If you ask about danger then they may mention horrible sounding mutants or a military patrol, and if you turn on the debug menu sure enough there's a pack of bloodsuckers or a Spetznas squad. They also mention bases being taken over and give you their thoughts on it.

TFW definitely has the best dialogue of any Stalker mod I've played, and the best companion system being better than every other mod I've played as well. Smoq2 is one hell of a modder and I hope he's doing well, either way give that a look for your dialogue endeavors and let me know about that email! Glad you're still working on Stalker and thanks for all the fun I've had so far :D

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Hi D, maybe i found bug, "If killed NPC was friend or neutral to facton, lower goodwill toward killer faction" - I'm clear sky and when killing clear sky stalkers in their base goodwill with freedom,duty,ecologist,freestalker is lowering for player and clearsky, that schould be? sory for bad eng.

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Hey DoctorX01 thank you for your mods.
I have a question regarding your DoctorX Questlines 1.25 [CoC 1.4.22].
I'm playing as a Monolith. I've gotten different quests from Cleric and Rabbit.
The last mission I got was 'Find the Wishmaker' I ofcourse found it in the Sarcophagus, like the actual monolith structure. After I interacted with it and used the option [say nothing] the mission was updated, however the quest was gone completely. No reward to get from Rabbit and they didn't mention it again. When I came back to Rabbit I had to 'Hunt for Food' and 'Kill the Planner' again. Is this intentional or did something go wrong?

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hello doctor. just wanted to ask, do the russian modders use your mods in their mods too? thanks for your hardcore modding contributions btw!

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DoctorX01 Creator

Not really sure, I can't read or speak Russian so I don't frequent the Russian sites much.

That's something that always bothered me, we have 2 very large communities for this game, one that is English speaking, and one that is Russian/Ukrainian speaking. Both communities are developing great things for Stalker, but there isn't too much that bleeds over between the groups because of the language barrier.

The Russian community probably has the advantage because I imagine there are far more Russians who are fluent in English than the other way around.

I dare to dream... Perhaps one day we can all live in a unified Zone :D

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Yeah and Duty and Freedom will make peace

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