Adds HD portraits to Anomaly for those who use the HD model addon. !! Will update once 1.5 officially comes out, won't update for the RCs.

Anomaly HD Portraits (U4H8)
Bass-Junkie - - 546 comments

is this a new update with out patch notes or a seperate version from last week ?

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bishibosh Author
bishibosh - - 137 comments

separate version, old one was kinda broken and wasn't really compatible with Anomaly like I thought it was. this one is, though, and should overwrite the old one.

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GabeCPB0 - - 354 comments

I hadn't noticed any problem, but still, thanks for noticing and fixing for the rest of us. Cheers, mate!

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AyeBlin - - 365 comments

I just noticed that some npc portraits are still in vanilla. Is this normal?

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bishibosh Author
bishibosh - - 137 comments

some I haven't got to yet. named NPCs like traders and faction leaders may not have updated portraits, and I might've missed some NPCs because they wouldn't spawn for me. let me know which ones are missing.

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BojecHrabri - - 44 comments

Hello! Why there is not Freedom, Mercs and the other factions pics? Or it's maybe just in my case?

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SkinnyTalls99 - - 763 comments

Hm, for me most factions don't use the new portraits. The only ones who have the new ones seem to Loners, Duty and some Bandits.

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Botcrack - - 3 comments

Does this work with rc18?

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JaykoFlaykoYT - - 8 comments

Hello, could you get this to work with the rc versions of anomaly?

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Guest - - 695,270 comments

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aaayyyMLYAAA - - 15 comments

this work without hd models?

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