Back in the day, I wanted 3D iron sights for Raven shield. KungFU-CIA released a mod that enabled the 3D irons. However, some weapons were missing or misaligned. I created a mod a very long time ago to fix some this and feel that i should share this given how much of a dissapointment R6 Siege has been.

Ravenshield 3D Irons 2.0
brunocar - - 1,158 comments

how do you even play multiplayer nowadays

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HTP_Teq - - 39 comments

I have ever heard but I have never found KUNGFU Mod, and thanks to your making effort finally I have seen the modding system. So simple, but so useful!

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Z-MANIAC - - 4 comments

I've uploaded a massive update. Various fixes, enabled iron sight of the mini-scope when you have it attached! Added a autohotkey script to toggle iron sights. Also a batch file to run it all.

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Z-MANIAC - - 4 comments

Press the mapped button to toggle iron sights
Press * (on numpad) if you have a mini-scope attached (this will tell the script to toggle the mini-scope irons instead)
Press middle mouse button (default) to use scope.

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KetsuCorp - - 98 comments

This excites us...

...We'll be in touch!

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mastermaniac - - 599 comments

*Very* cool idea to feature different aim types. I'd be all over this like syrup on pancakes...if only I could work out how to assign the hotkeys.

I feel like a dunce.

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mastermaniac - - 599 comments

Well, I think I might have gotten it. So far it's looking very nice, although weapons with faked reflex sights like the P90 and the MTAR SMG, through no fault of the mod, are currently useless due to their opaque sight textures blocking visibility.

Currently, I'm having some trouble negotiating the four weapon model angles in a way that doesn't involve keyboard kung-fu, which I never was really good at. If the author would permit me, I'd like to make a humble suggestion. I know it's not as easy as flipping a switch, but it would be cool if the four states could be cycled using the mousewheel.

For example, we start from the default hip-level viewpoint. Scrolling up brings us to mid, and up again goes to irons, and the last up input takes us to the scope. Scrolling down does the same, but in reverse, all the way back to hip-level. The RMB could serve as a toggle that takes us from any zoom level to irons.

Just a thought. I know it's not easy - I could see that just from looking at the script provided as part of the download. I don't know how people can put stuff like this together, but I can tell you that I appreciate it. Thanks for the hard work, Z-Maniac.

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EagleBeak - - 157 comments

To my great disappointment, I got this addon to work . . .

In its current state, it is completely unusable.

I will start with 'iron sights'. First, the vast majority of the guns' sights are not aligned, whatsoever. Second, when using iron sights, the sights are still swaying by the character's breathing and readjusting his grip. Third, when using iron sights, the game still believes you are firing from the hip, so accuracy is terrible.

Using this addon, you cannot use scopes because the camera merely moves so that the scope is blocking your view, and you cannot see through the scope.

Scope iron sights are even worse that the sights on the rail.

I appreciate your willingness to help make Raven Shield playable again, but this was utterly disappointing. Did you even try it before recommending it?

For anyone else who read this, if you really must play R6 with 3D sights, you're always welcome to try Ordnance Project, which is hardly playable, but it give you a sense of what Rainbow Six, and Raven Shield 2.0 could have been, had the devs put in a little more time.

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fatsquirrel - - 1 comments

I wanted to share some tricks with you guys that I learned in Unreal Gold that can help you with the weapon sights. If you want a very convenient keybinding to be able to hold down your ADS 3d iron sights on right mouse button, and have the zoom on middle mouse...

Then do this:
->Open game options, open controls, change zoom to middle mouse button, exit back to game
->Open ingame console (~) key
->enter the following command:
set input rightmouse | exec weaponup.txt|onrelease exec weapondown.txt

->press enter

And you now have the ability to hold to activate your new flashy weapon sights down. No more struggle with all of the toggle buttons :)

Bugs: You may somehow invert the ADS by pausing the game or accessing menus while holding ADS, this is fixed by holding ADS and pressing escape, release ADS, and return to game. Easy fix.

There is also the the 'toggle' command. Instead of using onrelease... I think you can toggle a command by doing something like: toggle mlook. The only problem with this is that you probably can only do it with variables and not the (exec) command.

I hope anyone was able to make use of this, let me know what you think OP. Oh, and one last thing... can you tell me what command the * numpad button is using so I can rebind it?

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jointguy23 - - 182 comments

the onrelease exec doesnt seem to work for me,care to share any fix mate?

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Estevan_ - - 84 comments

is this better than ravenshield 2.1 ironsights?

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mujo70 - - 373 comments

Does it work with other weapon mods?

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Guest - - 699,223 comments

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Kenji-sd - - 28 comments

bro i did as told in readme.txt but it didn't work.
i press xbutton1 i hear this "pop" sound effect but nothing happens,no iron sites.

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