Well so far we got 25% of our objects Done :). Soon were gonna get started with make a tnt explosion destroy the objects it hits.Oh and read on I will tell what is too come in the game :).

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Well Objects to come too the game is:

Zombies-They will spawn where you place them

Boxes-Just spawn solid blocks(They cannot stack at all sadly)

Operatable Objects- Such as a switch and buttons and such

This may not be a object but if possible Chat that connects to the ip(Must be Hamachi or local)

Cones-Used to just decorate for fun maybe for a zombie map? :)

Doors-Just to make buildings,stores,bases and ect

Wires-This maybe a little confusing when i put them in cause it will have collisioning sprites which maybe a little hard to figure out if its connected but try your circuit out with generators

Decoration-such as lamps,fences and ect

I think thats all im mentioning for now but Tell ME any things that should be added :)


.50 cal mounted on a hill!

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