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"We The People of the Free Outer Rim solemnly swear to uphold the constitution of The New Republic. To life and death and whatever comes our way during this war and any events that may take place in the future. We will gladly give our lives to protect the Common Citizens of the galaxy."

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Reason For The New Galactic Republic

The Old Republic has fallen. The Jedi Order is on its own against the Sith Empire. For months the Jedi have fought the Sith Empire from taking over complete control over the galaxy. Now the Republic has been remade! We know all too well what happened to the old republic. The destruction of Druumund Kass and the bombing of Elom.

Both sides have caused much death in the attempts to take control over the galaxy. We could have fought the Sith Empire or Jedi Order through revolution. But what would we gain? More death would have befallen such worlds. The Sith Empire would likely teach the entire planet a lesson in war such as bombarding the planet.

I thought about creating that very revolution at first but it was too dangerous. So I gathered up the leaders of several neutral planets. They all agreed to help me form The New Republic. Belovia became the capital, Agamar became the major land productions planet. And Brosi became the main Shipyard. There was 25 different worlds across the entire New Republic. Any faction attacking any of these worlds will mean war with The New Republic (and most likely its allies).

The New Republics Constitution

The Old Republic is nearly officially dead. War Plaques the galaxy between darkness and light. At last a New Republic has emerged. "We The People of the Free Outer Rim solemnly swear to uphold the constitution of The New Republic. To life and death and whatever comes our way during this war and any events that may take place in the future. We will gladly give our lives to protect the Common Citizens of the galaxy."

The Chancellor and President are elected once a month by people across The New Republic. The Chancellor may have Emergency powers; however they are only to lengthen their term by a month; and it better be a very good reason. They can run for reelection along with their presidents multiple times. Afterwards they must give up their seat or face immediate arrest and be put on trial.

The senators are elected whenever the people feel they want a change in representatives and Republic policy. The change comes is when the new representative is elected and puts in a request for the change in policy. The Senate will then decide to whether implement this change in policy or deny it. Laws are petitioned and are done the same way.

Now for amendments they are petitioned to the senate by a member of the new republic. The other member worlds must agree with this amendment if it is to pass. The member worlds of the Republic hold much power but the federal government at our Capital creates a balance.

Commerce is regulated across interplanetary lanes. Our main money is the Galactic Credit.

Member worlds may trade with other member worlds.

All member worlds must support a war The New Republic enters.

No one may construct Super Weapons.

Member worlds may secede when they feel that The New Republic is not for them.

Any worlds declared under the Jurisdiction of The New Republic are worlds or systems that no one has control over (such as Dantooine). They are then considered member worlds and they shall be restored in time.

The Chancellor, president, and senate have the right to promote anyone below the commanders of army and navy.

Only the senate can declare war on other factions. Note: The Senate needs a good explanation before declaring war on another faction. (Commanders will be the senate to further notice)

Population required to become a member world, 100 million.

Member worlds must solve issues amongst themselves peacefully.

The Senate, Chancellor, and President are the only ones that may make diplomacy and sign treaties with other factions.

The Chancellor and President if either broker a treaty with another faction; they must inform the senate of doing so.

The Chancellor, President and CAAF command the entire military primarily. However the senate controls the funds for the military so the Three may not start Galactic Wars that are unneeded.

The New Republic must always be a Democracy. It cannot be a Monarchy, Dictatorship, Oligarchy, or turn into an Empire.

Other factions may not enter New Republic Space unless if it's an ally or on a diplomatic mission to our capital. Even so the rival faction must inform the Chancellor, President, or Senate before doing so. They then must wait for a response.

Threats from other factions will not be taken lightly. It will lead to increase in tensions and diplomatic envoys will be harder to come by.

Member worlds may have different justice systems.

The New Republic will follow the RP rules set for the Star Wars Universe.

Any type of reforms without the use of amendments to modernize The New Republic will always be allowed. The Chancellor and the Senate are the only ones that are allowed to reform.

Any breaking of treaties will lead to an increase in tension between the rival factions.

The Chancellor and Senate reserve the right to call upon Citizens to enter the military in the case of a major war with another faction.

Traitors will be dealt with swiftly by the Senate. If it is a force user the senate will make a decision on whether they are still worthy enough to be able to still be able to use the force. If they decide that you are not worthy. Then the council will have the right away to cut off your connection to the force before the official trial begins. There will be no executions but you will be thrown in a high security prison for a long time.

Spying on The New Republic through the armed forces and politicians will have the same consequences as above.

Any unit designs should be petitioned to the CAAF and kept secret. They then must secretly present them to all the Politian's and the commander of which ever branch of the military it will affect. Any approved design will later be presented to the public within two weeks.

The New Republics official court system is the High Court. This is where we determine if something goes against the constitution and where traitors are put on trial.

The New Republic has the right to establish a Jedi/Sith Council. All must agree to this however from the Citizen to the Chancellor. The Majority of the people will win the vote.

The New Republic has the right to move the capital to any Member World it chooses.

The New Republic may expand through either wars or colonization.

All weapons being traded in New Republic markets must be checked first and licensed before it's unloaded. Any illegal weapons found will result in forcing the supplier to leave new republic space.

Any continuous attacks on anything that belongs to the New Republic by the same faction or person will result in instant retaliation and the senate may seek to declare war.

Attempting to create revolution in the New Republic will result in the person found; being put on trial.


First Amendment: The Right To Free Speech is to create a more friendly atmosphere for people to present their opinions over a matter. Whether, it is civilian or military wise. We can make no law that will extinguish any freedom of speech in nearly any form.

Senate Bills

Senate Bill Resolution 1
Bill Name: Space Scanner Act
The bills main purpose is the creation of space scanners in order to ensure quicker transit to the planet or Space Station to sell goods. It is also, to eliminate any possible threats of Terrorist attacks and to decrease Black Market sales.

Senate Bill Resolution 2
Bill Name: Minor Welfare Act
Economic reforms to Healthcare and Social Assistance provided to all citizens across the New Republic. This act initiates a billion more Credits to be spent in both areas.

Senate Bill Resoultion 3
Bill Name: Veterans Welfare Act
The Veterans Bill is to provide veterans of past wars, with economic security of more then 9 billion credits into a program so that none are pushed into poverty.

Senate Bill Resolution 4
Bill Name: Conscription Limits
Conscription is now reduced to 2 months(RP Time), so the People of the NGR do not feel like they are being threatened to join the war.

Court Cases
NGR V. Mace-Windu:
Mace has lost his Court Case, which was for the leaking of information to the New Sith Order. He has now been sentenced to a high security prison. Location: CLASSIFIED

Galactic Council Treaty:
The NGR has joined in an attempt to create a much more unified and stabalized galaxy and have entered an alliance with the Mandalorians and Galactic Alliance.
The Charter:

For the sake of the people of the galaxy and for mutual protection, the galaxy's nations have come together to form a Galactic Council that will ensure stability after decades of conflict.

1§ The Nations signing this agreement are bound to follow the following dictations as they are mentioned. A breach of this agreement can result in punishment by the other factions in form of economic sanctions or in the worst case excommunication.
2§ All Nations must contribute with financial backing to the Galactic Council establishments and security forces.
3§ The sanctity of the Galactic Council must not be compromised by hostile action with Council space or the responsible Nation must adhere to punishment by the Council members as 1§ dictates.
4§ The Council Nations must respect and follow the basic rights of sentience for all those under their protection.
5§ In case of natural disasters or war, all Council Nations are bound to send relief supplies if in any way possible to the civilian populations on inflicted systems. This does not include the military forces of a nation in war.
6§ Any Nation in the Galactic Council can lay down a Veto resolution against a decision made by the other Galactic Council members unless it conflicts with the following paragraphs;
1§ - 2§ - 3§ - 4§ - 5§ - 7§.
7§ Should a Council Nation wish to wage war upon another nation not included in the Galactic Council, it must first warn the Galactic Council Members.

  • 7a§ In Addition to §7, the Nation can request help in their campaign from the Galactic Council with resources or military forces.
    • 7b§ Should a Nation of the Galactic Council wish not to participate, the Nation can lay down a veto resolution that will prevent the Galactic Council to aid in the conflict.


    Wait so if my cousin and I go to war, will both of us be kicked out for fighting the other factions but not the republic?

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    Fenris58 Author

    No you won't get kicked out but you will get a major warning to settle this war more peacefully.

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    Wait I was already fighting the war cause I am apart of the sith empire

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    Fenris58 Author

    ah so its your sith and hes jedi? and he's threatened to destroy the group. He's no jedi. Jedi don't intimidate targets or threaten others. Even to spy goes against the Jedi code.

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    nice i must admit it.

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    cool addition ^^

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