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OUTDATED NEWS, PLEASE DO NOT REGARD ANY FURTHER. New voice actor for the main character of the mod - UNATCO Agent Mad Ingram was needed but has now been cast. As for the other roles, at least 75% of the lines have been recorded. The rest of the mod is currently in a very fine condition. :]

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[UPDATE: May 18th 2013]

The mod is currently awaiting for 36 lines to be recorded/fixed after which the development will continue as follows:
1) Re-timing the endings a bit better once all of the voice acting is available
2) Final testing of the mod by myself and two other people in a closed testing session
3) Final touches (whatever they may be, something added to the readme, something removed, fixing a major BSP hole, not fixing a minor BSP hole, et cetera)
4) RELEASE! (June 3rd or as I'm still hoping, maybe even earlier!)

DXN Release Candidate 0.5 - Motel

[UPDATE: May 13th 2013]
3 weeks left to finish and release the mod. Thus far the prognosis is good, I've received most of the lines for the mod (with fewer than 50 lines remaining to be recorded) and once I have them all, I can finally 100% check all voice acting before the final touches can be made and the mod released.

- 2,166 lines that amount up to 3 hours and 32 minutes of audio
- The 7z file containing the mod's installer currently takes up to 480 megabytes of space, the mod is close to 900 mb unpacked

[UPDATE: May 7th 2013] 27 days left to finish the mod. Sadly, I do not have 100% of the voice acting available today as I was expecting, but at the moment there is no larger crisis at hand. In other words, this means that I will have less time to take a look at more minor issues such as aesthetically disturbing mover brush pivot points (ADMBPP) - my main goal is to make as integral and stable release as possible - and as the world of Deus Ex is concerned, things are never fully polished ;] Will keep you posted.

[UPDATE: April 23rd 2013] A bit of a lull in development (not to mention schoolwork piling up on my end), remaining voice acting estimated to be recorded by May 6th after which I can start focusing on the final touches. Possible changes might still occur, I'll keep you posted on the situation.

[UPDATE: March 30th 2013] The role of Mad Ingram has now been re-cast! Many thanks to everyone who expressed their interest in voicing him!

DXN - Ham Sandwich - Mod DB

Greetings, everyone!

"Still, I can't make any promises for the future, but I really hope that the next newspost will address the final release of the mod. All in all, I hope nothing too major will pop up in this testing phase" - FastGamerr, February 2013

I'm sorry, people, I jinxed it. Something major did come up: NEW VOICE ACTOR FOR THE MAIN CHARACTER, MAD INGRAM, IS NEEDED.

DXN Release Candidate 0.75 - March 2013 Updates

What I absolutely require from the new voice actor:

* Voice has to sound like this or be very similar
* Commitment to record all the 1,500+ lines for him before May 6th 2013 [May 13th 2013 note: Apparently the character only had 600+ lines. Way to know how to count/make estimations, FGR!)
* A high quality microphone (even if the lines in-game will be 48kbps/mono, the main character of the mod definitely needs to have a high-quality mic)

As a rough estimate (when all non-Ingram roles are taken into account), at least 75% of the remaining voice acting has been recorded. Naturally I wish this situation could have been resolved earlier and not right on the doorstep of April 2013 when I'm going to have the least time available for the mod. :[ I'm going to be able to properly focus on the mod again from May 7th onwards, by which I really hope to have all the remaining voice acting finished so I can focus on putting all the lines into the game (as another rough estimate, it takes me 1-2 hours to put merely 70 lines into the mod).

I really don't want to rush this mod out like TODOA - i.e. trying to make sure that the whole mod even barely stays together a few hours before the final deadline (which in DXN's case is still going to be June 3rd). And for that matter, I really don't want to resort to my BioWare Backup Plan - i.e. having every character in the mod aside from the main one voiced (which would especially make his lack of lines in the cutscenes a bit too awkward - perhaps he'll get a Voicebox Augmentation just for them...).

So please, contact me at or via ModDB PM if you match the criteria above :]

DXN Release Candidate 0.75 - March 2013 Update

As for the rest of the mod, luckily no major bugs have been discovered (thus far). In other words, they just might start popping up after the mod is released and I'll try to address them as quickly as possible - but considering I'm returning to the job from which I took a nearly 2-year leave to study and work on this mod, future updates might take a really long time to be released :P I'm going to make a TNM-like SDK release along with the regular mod, however, so that fan-made patches can be made.

DXN Release Candidate 0.75 - March 2013 Updates

Let's hope for the best!


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wow what happened? Like how do you just suddenly lose your main character lol.. Oh well, doesn't make me any less excited for this. Usually when something is delayed, it's because the developer(s) are making sure it's as awesome as it should be.

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In case you want more than 80% of the lines to have voices, I'm here if you need me for a dozen-couple dozen voices! Thinking about it, 80% is a lot of course, but I'm sure we'd love to hear every person in the mod speak their part! Instead of one fifth of them being silent.

But otherwise - awesome work you're doing there! I'm more excited than ever for this. I bet this will be as intense as TNM and 2027.

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FastGamerr Author

Don't worry, the mod will be 100% voiced. I'll let you know if I need any more help (in other words, if my first recasting plan won't work out...). :]

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Whoa, 100%? Great, I didn't understand that at first, heh.

Sweet, here when you need me... ^.^

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FastGamerr Author

I think I'll put it this way: my plan is to have the mod 100% voiced and by default that's a non-negotiable plan. However, if the deadline of June 3rd gets somehow endangered and can only be attained by not having the mod fully voiced, I'm regretfully going to have to release the mod in that condition. Let's hope it won't come to that.

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