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The Galactic Empire and Sith Order enjoy a strained alliance. They despise one another, though they need one another. These are their ranks.

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“Equality is a lie… A myth to appease the masses. Simply look around and you will see the lie for what it is! There are those with power, those with the strength and will to lead. And there are those meant to follow—those incapable of anything but servitude and a meager, worthless existence”
-Darth Bane


"I will lead the Empire to glories beyond imagining." - Emperor Palpatine.
The Emperor is the Supreme Commander of the Empire. He directly controls the Imperial Military, encompassing the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Army.

His word is Law. To defy him is to sign your own death sentence. He rules with an Iron Fist, and all in the Empire obey him without question.

Current Emperor: Emperor Tarl (controlled by Ten10dix)

High Inquisitor of the Sith Order

"Nobody expects the Imperial Inquisition!"
- Fa'Zoll
High Inquisitor the highest rank in the Inquisitorius, a branch of Imperial Intelligence consisting of dark side Force-sensitives who worked under the command of the Dark Lord himself. They are often employed as interrogators, however their primary task is to seek out potential Jedi candidates and Force activity.

The High Inquisitor controls many smaller organizations, including the Sith Inquisition. He also has much influence with the Moffs. He also ensures that no spies infiltrate the Order, and that any traitors are swiftly executed. He is second in command of the Sith Order, and is considered to be the most powerful Force User in the Order. This rank can be held by the Emperor.

Current High Inqusitor: Lord Nil (portrayed by Ten10dix)

The Imperial Fist

"I am death!"- Darth Stryfe
Because masks are cool!
The Sith Fist commands the largest chunk of the Sith Order: The Sith Military Forces. This includes the Sith Navy, responsible for keeping enemy fleets out of Sith territory and assaulting enemy systems in an attack, and the Sith Army, responsible for holding and taking planets for the Sith.

He has less influence than the Dark Lord or the High Inquisitor among the Empire and Order, but he is closest to the Admirals and Generals that lead his Military, and either has their respect or fear. He is the greatest strategist in the Sith Order, and also the best fighter. This rank can be held by the Emperor.

Current Sith Fist: Lord Uril (portrayed by Darth-Furere)

Lord Inquisitor

Naga Sadow

The Lord Inquisitor is responsible for hunting down Jedi, spies, traitors and any such scum inside the Sith Order and even in the Galaxy. They have permission to travel wherever they want, and the power to do whatever they wish. They may execute without trial, imprison without evidence, purge without excuse. Typically a Lord Inquisitor is escorted by personal guards, ranging from fellow Sith to Clone Troopers, and even local authorities.

If a Lord Inquisitor accuses a Sith, then the Dark Lord must be informed to decide the accused's fate.

Lord Inquisitors are proficient in the ways of the Force, and could take on a Jedi Master if need be. Few Sith attain the rank of Lord Inquisitor, and nowadays a Lord Inquisitor is a rare sight indeed.

Sith Marauder

A Sith Marauder normally commands a large force of either Clone Soldiers or Sith. He is normally tasked with supporting an Imperial General or Admiral in battle, commanding the troops from the front lines and bringing the fight to the enemy.

They are normally considered a god-send by their allies. Point a Sith Marauder in the general direction of the enemy, hand him some of your troops, and you can count on him to clear the path. They are renowned fighters, and normally possess a great deal of tactical knowledge.

Marauders normally concentrate on one aspect of their training: Either Commanding or Fighting. This can easily be recognized by most at a glance: A Marauder more concerned with commanding is calmer, more calculating, and reluctant to charge madly into battle. A Marauder who focuses on the fight, however, is prone to blood lust and rage, in or out of combat. Whilst they may not lead their troops as effectively, they can work wonders on the enemy's morale, breaking less disciplines troops simply by charging at them.

Grand Moff/Moff/Admiral/General

The Moffs and Grand Moffs form the ruling body of the Empire. Each Moff governs an individual planet, and each Grand Moff governs an entire sector. They ensure production is kept up, that credits keep flowing through and that the populace is disciplined, and that no dissent is spread.
Officers of the Empire

They work closely with the Admirals and Generals assigned to their systems or sectors. They are also normally watched by a Lord Inquisitor, who makes sure their loyalties stay with the Empire.
An Admiral or General of the Imperial Military is responsible for leading his troops into battle. They are normally given orders by the Grand Moffs or the Sith Fist.

Clone Marshal

Rise of the empire
Each Clone Legion is commanded by a Clone Marshal. The Sith Order's Clone Army is a separate entity from the Imperial Military, and takes it's orders directly from the Sith Order, and its Dark Lord.

Each Clone Legion is composed of 20,000 prime soldiers, ready to fight to the death for the Sith cause. They represent the might of the Sith Order throughout the Imperium, and any act of rebellion is put down swiftly by them.

A Lord Inquisitor or Marauder can request that a Legion be put under his command, temporarily or permanently. No matter who commands the Clone Legion, and no matter who it's Clone Marshal follows, it shall be loyal to the Order and to the Order only.



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Note: Not putting the ranks of Sith Inquisitor or Sith Warrior on here, as we're hardly going to use the ranks already present. But just to inform you guys, the Sith Inquisitor is the lesser of the Lord Inquisitor, and the Warrior the lesser of the Marauder.

Warriors and Marauders are more common than Inquisitors and Lord Inquisitors.

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Last two ranks want to be bold, so I'll just leave them bold xD.

I know I merged Grand Moff/Moff/Admiral/General into one, but we all know what they do and stuff, so I wasn't ready to make a rank for each of them >.<

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For the new RP:

Ranks still stand. Sithy ranks=Sith Order
Empire ranks=Empire
Clone Marshall: Can be both.

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