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Release target is going to miss, but don't let it be a big downer!

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Hey guys, just a small update for you all! I think its pretty clear that we won't be hitting our December 2012 deadline for release. This makes us really... Well, quite miffed. Sadly real life has got in the way, I know for a fact I've been finding it hard these past few months as I've had to care for my Nan who is really ill, and these things... They take time. Even more so with a single coder. However....We have FAR from stopped working on OverDose. Its more an issue of we haven't had as much time to keep you guys in the loop, rather than not working on it. Sure, a few huge games dropped that ate our time, so if you really want to complain you can thank Randy Pitchford! But we have some amazingly awesome new things coming up soon to show you, so stay tuned.Again, a huge sorry for not meeting our deadline, it's a bummer to us too! But even still, its not like we have missed 24 of them, like some other just released but HUGE awesome game made in peoples spare time for nothing ;) Thanks for all the awesome kind words as well guys. Its those that keep us doing this for you :) So, with that said...

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OverDose is a serious project, ambitious, flirtatious, and other words that end in ous. Such as house, or water melon. But the problem we face is that we are making an entire game with a single coder. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of Nicolas, the work hes done on his own is just insane. But we DO need somebody to come onboard who has experience with coding. Anybody is welcome to send us a message to , unless your surname is Glitter, in which case we suggest staying away. As a sort of "check list" to see what our perfect guy, gal or hungry hippo would be, I've made, well, a check list. Have a peak:

• Experience with Coding in C/C++, you ding bat •
• Experience with game code, game logic etc •
• Worked on either a past mod or game, and can show something of it, OR show us some skills •
• Ok working alongside Nicolas and myself to add features as needed •
• Have a keen love of pizza •
• Mustn't be allergic to the colour purple. I can't stress this enough •
• Has at least one eye situated above either cheek, West or East, either is fine •

As you can see, the check list is quite lax, and isn't important at all. But if you feel up to a challenge and would like to help out, shoot us a mail. We really do need help in the game code side of things, so get in touch.

Thank you all so very much indeedy.

Gavin Stevens
Lead Designer for Team Blur Games [TBG]

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Well... "**** happens", hm? No one can blame you for something anyway.

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id wait 10 more years for this, it's all right as long as the game comes out :p

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booman Online

Hang in there... we'll wait as long as it takes!
Thanks for the "heads up"

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no problem good sir(s), as long as the game doesn't become vapor ware, take as long as you like

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Whats your next target release date? I know probably "when its done", but is it more like "next summer" or "end 2014" ?

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Gavavva Author

Until we can get somebody onboard to help out with coding, because Nicolas is really doing a great job on his own doing an entire engine by himself but needs a hand... I can't say for sure. 2013, but as to which point? I don't want to let anybody down with a date that comes and goes :( This hurts us too, we put so much time and energy into OverDose. But OverDose is far from given up on, trust me ;)

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Nicolas should be on a quest to search for coders. Gavin you should somehow do more publicity and point out the climbing feature and that you need coders. I'm following Overdose since you left Quake 2 Evolved. It must be like 6-7 years now that I'm looking at your website and here on ModDB. I hope it will be worth it

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wow i pass in some, my west eye is the one that works, lol no joke.
although i'm from a whole different game engine and coding such as c# so i wouldn't fit the description. lol

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