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Lots have happend this past year, when i started this mod, i had big plans and ideas, and after being shot down by the GW legal department really bursted my bubble. But whenever i get spare time i start to glance back on the fact that i want a good warhammer non-mainstream-factory-clone game...

Posted by Tias on Apr 24th, 2011

Lots have happend this past year, when i started this mod, i had big plans and ideas, and after being shot down by the GW legal department it really bursted my bubble. And i was to commit the models to the UT40k Team, however the communication somewhat lacked and my computer burst in to flames, and after a while when i managed to get a new one i was too tired to bother picking up the pieces, and thus no real progress was made in that area.

But whenever i get spare time i start to glance back on the fact that i want a good warhammer non-mainstream-factory-clone game. And i want one, even IF the GW steals it from under my nose.

I have thoughts on picking up and polish my old models with my new art skills and create a miniature online multiplayer game.
something like warefare for unreal3... but in warhammer mode. Something very simple.

Any ideas?

I have a job so my time is limited but i will need all the help i can get on this one, UDK engine experts and coders, level designers animators etc.

I can provide the art myself as i am now a proffessional at it. But i really need someone that knows his way around the engine.

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Midnightmare Apr 24 2011, 2:09pm says:

GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!! I was so let-down when the end of the project was announced... but the fact that you want to make it again in a new way is hust Amazing.
first of all; please add bot support (something most indie games lack of)
second, a chapter rooster for the player character would be very nice!
Right now no more ideas XD

Hope the bestfor you!

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Tias Author
Tias Apr 24 2011, 3:26pm replied:

Good point, yeah that would perferable. I am no coder, so what can be provided will be limited by the future programmers skills I guess.

what do you mean with chapter rooster? Is it like you should be able to choose what chapter you want your marines to display like? If so, i think that would be a tad too complex to make, i would like to keep stuff simple (really really simple) And keep to one chapter, as the quality of the art can be made with much higher detail.

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Midnightmare Apr 24 2011, 6:03pm replied:

Yup I meant that with the chapter rooster (I guess that wasn't the right word). Ok no problem at all with that. Please stick with Ultras (they are a great chapter, no matter what people say)or if you want to change... BLOOD ANGELS (My fav chapter/my army on tabletop :D ). If you want some ideas for chapters I'll be glad to give you ideas, I read almost religiously a lot articles and details about them.

See ya around!

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Landkreuzer Apr 24 2011, 2:21pm says:

Good luck.

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lukaluka94 Apr 24 2011, 3:01pm says:

Fantastic news.

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Chompster Apr 24 2011, 7:36pm says:

i hope you can keep it in 3rd person, that would be most fun. and making it like warefare sounds like a good idea, it would make for fun gameplay but only would need to come up with another way of capturing "nodes" which could be made into shrines? and instead of orbs it could be a banner, or some sort of relic/artifact. im guessing its gonna be Space Marines vs Chaos? it be easiest to balance since they are petty much on the same level.

interested in how you would bring in 40K vehicles if you even choose to do so, would spice certain maps up a bit. maybe have you be able to become a dread after earning enough XP? thats up to the coders i guess. and if the warefare game mode doesnt work out just have simple DM and CTB(capture the Banner) to start with and expand later.

REALLY hope this becomes something, hearing your first idea being stopped by GW was well.. heartbreaking.

goodluck and hope there are people out there willing to help bring this alive!

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Midnightmare Apr 24 2011, 7:54pm replied:

If we are going to play Marines vs. Chaos, it will be cool to play agains a large force of renegades instead of marines; that way peolpe will be able to see the difference between a simple human and an Adeptus Astartes. To give the renegades a chance against the marines, the amount of players in that team should be higher than in the loyalist one for balance.
Hope you like the idea people!

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Tias Author
Tias Apr 25 2011, 4:06am replied:

Good ideas keep em coming.

I would say it would be SM vs CSM as they are so similar in weaponry and numbers that it gets as fair as you can possibly get in the WH universe.

If you play renegades vs marines, the player count should be something like 5 marines vs 70 renegades or something like that. The melee combat for the renegades would be equivalent to stabb a solid rock with a kitchen knife, and shooting space marines would be the equivalent to trying to kill someone with nerf rifles. (not so balanced)

If i were to bring in vhehicles, it would be a Dread, Rhino and a landspeeder nothing more.

I am not sure about the nodes though, or what the cores would be. Having relics placed out in random locations would seem a tad wierd, usually relics are kept in huge monuments and not some pillar. Also i am personally sick of the flag usage, so i would want to avoid that.

And the core? what should the core be like? something that makes sense.

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Midnightmare Apr 25 2011, 11:06am replied:

hmmm for the core? you could look at the Dawn of War games for ideas ;)
'cos right now I'm lacking of them XD
Maybe for the nodes you could model some listening points?

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Chompster Apr 25 2011, 9:53pm replied:

hard to come up with something that makes sense when these things wouldn't happen in 40K :P but for the core.. maybe for SM it could be a thunderhawk? and for Chaos a warp portal? or DoW Thermal generators. not sure what else they could be defending on a random battlefield. if a thunderhawk it could have servitors or techmarines repairing it and for the warp portal heretics or slaves worshiping it to try and open it.

vehicles sound good, hopefully rhino to be used as transport. what about a razorback? though chaos doesn't have the equivalent so probably not.

the nodes.. Generators? but that sounds so simple.. Midnightmare's idea of listing posts wouldn't be bad either. and yea relics would be odd to have just anywhere a small shrine wouldn't be.

and no flags, alright, what about.. a.. book? maybe a skull? 40K has lots of those lol jk. artifacts wouldnt really work either since SM wouldnt be able to pick em up without risking the chance of being corrupted while chaos could easily pick something of theirs up. will keep thinking an hope to come up with something.

*coughs*cryengine3*coughs* lolwut? kidding.

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Tias Author
Tias Apr 27 2011, 5:16am replied:

There are scenarios in tabletop that are somewhat "like" this.
Hold a area for X turns or destroy objective in X turns.

But yeah, very tricky.

yes maybe razorback would be better than rhino. The only issue is that the Razorbacks design makes it almost unable to shoot targets near in front.

I had a thought about cryengine 3, its releasing a mod kit for it soon, it would be cool to get the desired weapon menu and addon kit options, and we might even be able to put in classes with that. Since there are no such thing in UDK, i cant reverse engineer that, also crysis2 got most actions and effects you could possibly want for this kind of project :P (orbital bombardment, thunderhawk attack pass, radar scan etc)

As for the gametype, I still have only a vague idea on what would be cool. A nice battlefield - objective based gametype would be ideal. If ya got any new cool ideas, let em at me!

Just remember that it has to be dead simple.

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Chompster Apr 27 2011, 12:58pm replied:

well i was revering to the actual WH40K universe and not table top which is why i said it wouldnt happen, but you make a point with the TT objective. and the razorback can have a stormbolter on the front(controlled from inside, not pintle mounted --> so that could be used as a defensive weapon when people get too close.

as for dead simple objective games, BC2's Rush mode could be a fun and simple one. one team defends a point which holds.. something (chaotic artifact or whatever..) other team has to destroy it, once all are destroyed on that stage another one unlocks an you have to do that. also a fun mode is Conquest. 4 or more points on a map both teams fighting for the control of them. or like you mentioned the TT objective of holding a area for a number of minutes, once thats done you move on to the next till you get to a certain point where you would have to destroy something.

im liking what i hear about what you think of the cryengine 3 :P but wouldnt that mean having to learn how to work with it from scratch? getting the models and what not in, the rest would be left to coders and such. thats about all i can think of, i dont play TT so not familiar with its game types but im sure something can be taken from it. especially the hold objective one.

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Tias Author
Tias Apr 27 2011, 2:20pm replied:

On that image; the heavy bolter would shoot the storm bolter to shreds :P

Considering the funktions in crysis 2, it would be ideal to reverse engineer that. And yes learning a new engine would be alot of work, but the tradeoff would save alot of time. If the cryengine modkit comes with the source for crysis 2 my best guess would be that it wouldnt be too hard to just tweak the existing game in to a warhammer one. And still get all the highquality funktions you would want.

In the UDK you even have to program your own reload :/ There is nothing left by default in the udk.

However, if cryengine = less players on field but with high quality tactical abilities and character customization. Its really depending on what people would like, most people didnt like crysis 2 because of the hardcore way of playing, but i would choose crysis 2 over teamfortress every day as i like to kill people with pistol to the head with one shot.

There is a gametype that comes to mind, something similar like Redorchestra maybe? There are no markers on the battlefield other than "tactical point" on the map. People go there and secure it. It would be in the shape of a very defendable position, and teams have to cap these parts of the map in a pattern creating a tug of war kind of gameplay, the first to run out of positions looses.

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Chompster Apr 27 2011, 6:37pm replied:

looking at it again, yea it would lol but you could just turn the razorback slightly :P

wow.. it sounds as if cryengine3 to be superior in almost all ways to UDK for this game :/ and having small teams wouldnt be all that strange since SM and CSM arent known to have huge numbers when going into battle like others do. though i do hope for at least 8 player teams at minimum but that will have to wait till it releases.

i havent played re orchestra so im not familiar with it but sounds pretty much like conquest only instead of losing points(which sounds like games dont last very long if one team is superior) your team has a certain amount of "tickets" which goes down every time someone dies. which to me sounds better so that the game doesn't end very easily even if one team is a lot better. but if is indeed that after you lose all positions your team loses, doesn't that mean that the maps will have to be pretty large? or will the positions be hard to take due to being "in the shape of a very defendable position" ?

uh oh.. this is bad, I'm getting excited.. must.. resist! >.<

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Tias Author
Tias Apr 28 2011, 3:12am replied:

almost, the Udk got some points making it a fair choice. The support for vehicles are much larger than in the cry engine, i would think that vehicles wouldnt even be nessesary in the cryengine, since you cant have those grand scale maps, but with less people it wont matter in the end.
Cryengine from what i have seen can support to 28 people in one go. I would think that is sufficent. 14 people per team. Its almost like two sm squads per team, while in the udk. It can support up to 64 players, so there is a big diffrence and you really cant compare them as they focus on diffrent things.

The gametype in redorchestra is far from fast endings, it could take up to 4 minutes to capture one point on your own, and the cap zones are really large so as soon a enemy enters the cap rate goes -1 player if a friend +1. Also officer class has a +3 cap value. So basically you can cap fast if you teamplay well and over-run the zones. And by killing the enemy inside them increases the cap rate.

When a point is captured it can be used as a spawn, spawning near the capzone (unless contested)

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Chompster Apr 28 2011, 6:12pm replied:

that sounds like a very good game mode and defiantly one to take into consideration if this goes anywhere!

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Sergeant23 Apr 25 2011, 9:55am says:

Come on, Imperials! Flashlight guns and mass casualties all the way!

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zombieOnion Apr 25 2011, 12:56pm says:

Keep models in your portfolio, they look awesome there.
Is GW allowing anything now then? Even a 40k-ut3-mod?
Look at what else exists, mods or freeware games, and see what kind of stuff you would like to make that is different, that is better, that might land you a job. The other 40k mod and game teams might also be interested in your skills.

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Tias Author
Tias Apr 25 2011, 1:12pm replied:

Yes i know, but i already have a job in the game industry, this is just my hobby project, as i cant start a real paid project for it, i will have to do it on my own, i do 40k models for fun so to speak.

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zombieOnion Apr 25 2011, 6:15pm replied:

Well then, if GW allows you to make something simple, why not.
Marines vs CSM, almost symmetrical teams? Demons and planetary bombardment powerups. A lot can be done there.
Do you animate too?

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Tias Author
Tias Apr 28 2011, 4:59am replied:

yeap, but i would say that the teams should mirror eachother as much as possible to get fair balance.

And yes, i can animate aswell :)

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Midnightmare Apr 25 2011, 1:15pm says:

Go the indie way please! mods just limit the amount of people that can play it.

PS; sorry for commenting that much here, but I am totally exited with this project and the fact that its running again is pure joy to me.

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Tias Author
Tias Apr 25 2011, 1:25pm replied:

ofc, UDK is the way to go.

Its ok, I dont promise anything yet but i will give it a go atleast. If you find skilled people looking for mod teams send em my way ok :)

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Kazanunda Apr 26 2011, 5:53am says:

A turn based strategy with breathtaking environments would be nice.

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