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Come on in, get sat down if you like, for I have a strange tale to tell...

Posted by Gavavva on Apr 22nd, 2013


Another [TBG] tradition comes to pass! It looks like our latest host is… Well, actually, terrible. As in, so terrible, they have their own black listed injections they put on peoples sites (not just ours) which causes sites hosted with them to become black listed by good and what not. So if you visit our site, you may have a lovely little warning pop up saying that we may in fact be hazardous to your health and can shorted your penis size by several inches, so don’t you dare click that link!!! Its actually pretty damn safe, truth be told. It’s a SQL issue that causes a few problems, in other words they insist on doing things certain way, but that way isn’t the right way, and so google moans, virus programs moan, even William Shatner will take to YouTube and have a little moan…

But regardless… Who gives a smeg? Because I have news. And that news is obvious to anybody who has been to our website recently. We’ve taken it offline. At least “FOR NOW”, anyway. Theres a good reason for this. It was costing us a lot of money to host per year, our forums were not getting any traffic, and our host was a pain in the arse as we said above. Plus it was taking time away from OverDose development, and we have our ModDB/IndieDB pages anyway, so, why bother for now? Rest assured as soon as we think its ready to put it back up, it will go up. But for now, the OverDose site will greet you with a link to here.

So, with that news out of the way...

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OverDose is a serious project, ambitious, flirtatious, and other words that end in ous. Such as house, or water melon. But the problem we face is that we are making an entire game with a single coder. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of Nicolas, the work hes done on his own is just insane. But we DO need somebody to come onboard who has experience with coding. Anybody is welcome to send us a message to , unless your surname is Glitter, in which case we suggest staying away. As a sort of "check list" to see what our perfect guy, gal or hungry hippo would be, I've made, well, a check list. Have a peak:

• Experience with Coding in C/C++, you ding bat •
• Experience with game code, game logic etc •
• Worked on either a past mod or game, and can show something of it, OR show us some skills •
• Ok working alongside Nicolas and myself to add features as needed •
• Have a keen love of pizza •
• Mustn't be allergic to the colour purple. I can't stress this enough •
• Has at least one eye situated above either cheek, West or East, either is fine •

As you can see, the check list is quite lax, and isn't important at all. But if you feel up to a challenge and would like to help out, shoot us a mail. We really do need help in the game code side of things, so get in touch.

Thank you all so very much indeedy.

Donating To The OverDose Project

As always, OverDose is currently under heavy development from talented artists, coders and composers, all for the lowly, hourly wage of “peanuts”. i.e. bugger all. That means any funds we raise will go towards hiring out more talent and funding people for help, which we see as only fair. Its amazing we have gotten so far with so little funding at all, because pushing these visuals, creating this media with some really awesome people, all for free… Its fantastic. But I sure as hell wish we could repay these guys before the game ships, just to keep motivation up more than anything. Any donations, no matter how small, will go a long way. Thank you.


Gavin Stevens
Lead Designer for Team Blur Games [TBG]

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notaclevername Apr 22 2013 says:

Great to hear from you, and I hope an available coder steps forward to join this incredibly nostalgic and fun looking project. As for the web page, its probably not necessary until the game is about to release, and even then with my brothers web site, I just renewed him for the next 3 years for less then 40$ CAN. hes through I'll be donating soon, soo keep at it, you guys kick so much ****.

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Gzegzolka Apr 22 2013 says:

I think it was good decision to take that webpage, maybe if You host it on other server with normal provider You could avoid those problems. I hope You will one day finish Your project.

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NaikJoy Apr 22 2013 says:

Good boys.. but none of you replied to my comment :(

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Lagahan Apr 22 2013 says:

I'd be glad to help if my games development course wasn't so crap. We're stuck doing c# with an outdated version of XNA game studio and the most basic of code. Bah. Can do a bit of level design, but the standard you guys put out is intense!

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xalener Apr 22 2013 says:

Purple is my favorite ******* color but I ain't a coder.

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notaclevername May 12 2013 says:

I was all drunk last night and e-mailed a bunch of Valve employees to look into this project, haha, I'm an ***.

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