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We, are not dead yet. We are just having some trouble figuring out where the player should start, etc.

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We, are not dead yet. We are just having some trouble figuring out where the player should start, etc. The first design is on the screen shots, The player crashed with his helicopter in a industrial area and must make his way to the centre of the city. But he had to relocate with Delta Squad. It Proved to Ugly.

Second was to start in the foliage areas around the city, he was to start in a military taken over warehouse and head into the city via muscle car. The idea is still being discussed on.

Third is to start on a rooftop after your helicopter crashed, and continue to the centre of the city on foot. No vehicles. You had to traverse through apartement's Till you reach Ground Level, You encounter your first strider and vortigaunt's. At some point you will meet our friendly character Xenox and he will help you out through the sewer's. Idea is being discussed.

Now, what i want you to do is tell us. Which area should the player begin. WOODLANDS. Or, CITY ROOFTOPS.


City Rooftops sounds like the better idea.

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pro: - you can do lots of crazy stuff with apartments
- you could give us a look at the military and give us a "chill"
ride to the city "ramboing" you're way in.
contra: - issues with how lucky you need to be to exactly crash land on
a rooftop.
- half-life 2 is mostly a solitary game, if there are people in
the warehouse that are from the military you would need to
cooperate with them. some people might like this some people
It also depends on how much of the city the combine have conquered. It would be illogical to fly into the "red zone" because it would have a low succes rate.
Personally i like the 3rd idea because I like to walk around in strange places with alot of stuff to look at.

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I say rooftop.

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