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I think it is fair to say that Morrowinds combat is rather outdated, but it still has its charm. However with that said there's stil a lot of things that could have been done better. One example is that almost all weapons share the same length in combat, which is rather odd since a shortsword should obviously have shorter range than a claymore..

Posted by trancemaster_1988 on Jan 18th, 2013

Cause unique weapons should be unique

I think it is fair to say that Morrowinds combat is rather outdated, but it still has its charm. However with that said there's a lot of things that could have been done better. One example is that almost all weapons share the same length in combat, which is rather odd since a shortsword should obviously have shorter range than a claymore. Another issue that's been bothering me for a while now is the speed of the diffrent weapon types. In vanilla MW most weapons had a speed stat that didn't differ that much even though the material properties were very diffrent. The new stats will be slighlty faster that in vanilla, but there were no other way to go as there had to be a large difference between for example Chitin weapons and Daedric weapons to make it feel "realistic". Also keep in mind that I'm AWARE of that most sets don't have Dai-Katanas or 2 handed hammers etc, but without listing them it would be harder for me to balance things throughout the sets. Unique weapons will have their own speed depending on the material and size.

I haven't altered the basic way the combat system functions, for that you may want to get
one of the high quality mods that overhaul it like Combat Enhanced, Gratuitous Violence, Combat Experience - Depth Perception, or Advanced Combat.

So what have I've done to make things more realistic? Here's the changelog:

You can also check the vanilla values here:


Daggers: 2.80
Tantos 2.75
Short Swords 2.70
Clubs 2.60
Rapiers 2.50
Saber 2.50
Maces 2.40
One handed Axes 2.40
2 handed staffs 2.30
Spears/Halberds 2.30
Katana 2.20
Longswords 2.10
Dai-katana 2.00
2 handed Axes 1.90
Claymores 1.80
2 handed Hammers 1.70

Glass (- 0.05)
Daggers 2.75
Tantos 2.70
Short Swords 2.65
Clubs 2.55
Rapiers 2.45
Saber 2.45
Maces 2.35
One handed Axes 2.35
2 handed staffs 2.25
Spears/Halberds 2.25
Katana 2.15
Longswords 2.05
Dai-katana 1.95
2 handed Axes 1.85
Claymores 1.75
2 handed Hammers 1.65

Silver (-0.05)
Daggers 2.70
Tantos 2.65
Short Swords 2.60
Clubs 2.50
Rapiers 2.40
Saber 2.40
Maces 2.30
One handed Axes 2.30
2 handed staffs 2.20
Spears/Halberds 2.20
Katana 2.10
Longswords 2.00
Dai-katana 1.90
2 handed Axes 1.80
Claymores 1.70
2 handed Hammers 1.60

Steel (-0.10)
Daggers 2.60
Tantos 2.55
Short Swords 2.50
Clubs 2.40
Rapiers 2.30
Saber 2.30
Maces 2.20
One handed Axes 2.20
2 handed staffs 2.10
Spears/Halberds 2.10
Katana 2.00
Longswords 1.90
Dai-katana 1.80
2 handed Axes 1.70
Claymores 1.60
2 handed Hammers 1.50

Iron (-0.05)
Daggers 2.55
Tantos 2.50
Short Swords 2.45
Clubs 2,35
Rapiers 2.25
Saber 2.25
Maces 2.15
One handed Axes 2.15
2 handed staffs 2.05
Spears/Halberds 2.05
Katana 1.95
Longswords 1.85
Dai-katana 1.75
2 handed Axes 1.65
Claymores 1.55
2 handed Hammers 1.45

Dwemer (-0.05)
Daggers 2.50
Tantos 2.45
Short Swords 2.40
Clubs 2.30
Rapiers 2.20
Saber 2.20
Maces 2.10
One handed Axes 2.10
2 handed staffs 2.0
Spears/Halberds 2.00
Katana 1.90
Longswords 1.80
Dai-katana 1.70
2 handed Axes 1.60
Claymores 1.50
2 handed Hammers 1.40

Orc (-0.05)
Daggers 2.45
Tantos 2.40
Short Swords 2.35
Clubs 2.25
Rapiers 2.15
Saber 2.15
Maces 2.05
One handed Axes 2.05
2 handed staffs 1.95
Spears/Halberds 1.95
Katana 1.85
Longswords 1.75
Dai-katana 1.65
2 handed Axes 1.55
Claymores 1.45
2 handed Hammers 1.35

Nordic (-0.05)
Daggers 2.40
Tantos 2.35
Short Swords 2.30
Clubs 2.20
Rapiers 2.10
Saber 2.10
Maces 2.00
One handed Axes 2.00
2 handed staffs 1.90
Spears/Halberds 1.90
Katana 1.80
Longswords 1.70
Dai-katana 1.60
2 handed Axes 1.50
Claymores 1.40
2 handed Hammers 1.30

Adamantium (-0.05)
Daggers 2.35
Tantos 2.30
Short Swords 2.25
Clubs 2.15
Rapiers 2.05
Saber 2.05
Maces 1.95
One handed Axes 1.95
2 handed staffs 1.85
Spears/Halberds 1.85
Katana 1.75
Longswords 1.65
Dai-katana 1.55
2 handed Axes 1.45
Claymores 1.35
2 handed Hammers 1.25

Ebony (-0.05)
Daggers 2.30
Tantos 2.25
Short Swords 2.20
Clubs 2.10
Rapiers 2.00
Saber 2.00
Maces 1.90
One handed Axes 1.90
2 handed staffs 1.80
Spears/Halberds 1.80
Katana 1.70
Longswords 1.60
Dai-katana 1.50
2 handed Axes 1.40
Claymores 1.30
2 handed Hammers 1.20

Daedric/Stalhrim (-0.20)
Daggers 2.10
Tantos 2.15
Short Swords 2.00
Clubs 1.90
Rapiers 1.80
Saber 1.80
Maces 1.70
One handed Axes 1.70
2 handed staffs 1.60
Spears/Halberds 1.60
Katana 1.50
Longswords 1.40
Dai-katana 1.30
2 handed Axes 1.20
Claymores 1.10
2 handed Hammers 1.00


Daggers 1.0
Tantos 1.1
Short Swords/Rapiers/Clubs/Maces/One handed Axes 1.2
Longswords/Katana/2 handed Axes/Saber 1.3
2 handed Hammers: 1.4
Claymores/Dai-Katana 1.5
2 handed staffs: 1.6
Spears/halberds 1.8
Longspears: 2.0

That's if for now, let me know what you think!

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Beez-one Jan 18 2013, 9:17am says:

I think main problem with outdated Morrowind combat is "roll to hit" even after you actually hit someone.

It could be fine for isometric CRPG but not for FPS/TPS game.

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trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 Jan 18 2013, 10:24am replied:

Well it's a part of the game and its intended to be that way, but yes it's pretty outdated. However with these "fixes" I belive that it will actually feel a bit better.

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TheUnbeholden Jan 19 2013, 2:33am replied:

roll to hit is part of what adds to the realism of RPG, under a miss it can symbolise a multitude of things... dodging, blocking by grabbing the opponents arm before he follows through with the swing, or merely skidding off the side of your armor. Either of the 3 can count as a miss.
Oblivion and Skyrim may have smoother combat with additional abilities to use, but an element of realism was lost in the transition. All that Morrowind is missing apart from trancemasters fixes, is how ridicolous it looks when the weapon "passes" through someone like a hologram, but we can't make new animations to simulate the enemy dodging....

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rogervanzant Jan 19 2013, 11:50pm replied:

This. Imagination is good. I thought I was the only one who would think up reasons.

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ApornasPlanet Jan 18 2013, 9:51am says:

Sounds like good improvments

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Riccars Jan 19 2013, 12:02pm says:

I now want a chitin dai-katana

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EricBoyceU Jan 19 2013, 4:45pm says:

I really like the improvements you made to Morrowind Combat! The stats looks realistic and should greatly improve the role-playing experience. One problem I have always had is the combat damage done with Maces - have you made any changes with the stats on damage as well?


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trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 Jan 19 2013, 5:23pm replied:

Thanks Eric, I'm glad you like them! Like I said before the weapon speeds might seem a bit fast compared to vanilla, but I had to turn up the variable since morrowind can't read anything under 1.0. Also if the numbers weren't like I've previewed, there wouldn't be that much of a difference.

I do have things in mind for damage stats don't worry. It will take a bit longer since these changes are quite boring to do and takes up a lot of time. I have however already done changes to daggers/spears/halberds in 2.0. Things might change though when all is in place.


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