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Aurum Union

Union of Autocractic Auran Federations

The Union of Autocratic Auran Federations (UAAF), or simply the Aurum Union, is led by Septarch Acun Kopos Starlight, who is supported by many Prefects and their legions, among them are the Provosts Tyronis, Rexan and Aztin.

In the Union terror rules over the people, fear inspires loyalty and dread instills order.

Propaganda combined with new religion is commonplace, the populations are promised passage Krethârn, where Hilûn, Ionosaur of flame, will provide endless paradise and safety from threats beyond the Union's borders if they work hard, if not the Aurum Union will fall and all will serve Hargorath, the Dread Father in the foul depths of Shalûn. The military is the law, both as security, police, judge and executer. As such, it is not uncommon that those suspected of heresy, treason or any other "crime" are violently killed or simply disappear, with a cover up blaming enemies of the Union resulting soon after.

The military is fierce, disciplined, rigid and absolutely merciless when it comes to achieving its goals. The military is divided in what is known as the Black Army and the Black Fleet, both use a mixture of advanced technology, brute force and terror tactics in combat to win. Soldiers are known to shout several warcry's in battle, involving the religion or union's abbreviation "uaaf".


The Aurum Union is very militaristic, this is reflected by its commanders also being government leaders. At the top of the pyramid of hierarchy stands the Septarch, the Septarch is the sole ruler of the Aurum Union and is without equal. His duties include acting as the supreme commander of the military, the chief of state of the Union and the prime religious figurehead. He is selected by the Provosts.

A Provost is essentially a second-in-command to the Septarch and co-ruler of the Aurum Union. There may only be three Provosts at a time. Their duties are much the same as those of a Septarch, except the Septarch holds ultimate authority.

The last rank of importance is that of Prefect, the Prefect can be described as a commander, governor and priest. They are often at the head of a Black Army Legion or a Black Fleet Task Force.


As a religion, the Pantheon of Aurum has gained great popularity with downtrodden willing to believe there is something better in an afterlife if they work hard and serve the Aurum Union faithfully. The Pantheon exists out of two sides, following the classic good and evil duality.

Hilûn, is the deity of creation. It takes the shape of an Ionosaur, an extinct creature once found one select worlds in Aurum. Hilûn bears the title of "Ionosaur of Flame" for it was his breath that caused the universe to come into existence, in what is described as a divine light that pierced the eternal darkness that existed before the universe was created.

Krethârn is the realm of Hilûn, it exists between two seas of eternal fire where darkness does not exist and a perfect environment exists for anyone of any species. It is said that the concerns of mortals such as hunger, disease and rest are forgotten here as those in Krethârn become greater beings.

Hargorath, also known as the Dread Father, is the embodiment of all wickedness and evil in the universe. His sole reason for existence is to serve as a punishment to those who have not lived their lives in service to Lord Hilûn, and to provide hardship.

The foul depths of Shalûn, the area were the damned regret not living for Lord Hilûn whilst they toil for the harshest of task masters, is the realm of Hargorath. It is an endless pit of dark, damp wastelands filled with spiked rocks and cliffs.

Black Army

Legions of soldiers lay down their lives for the Aurum Union with unwavering loyalty. They are disciplined, fearless and relentless, giving no mercy to heretical enemies and any who pose a threat to the Auren Union.


Professional and direct, the elite Knights form the backbone of the Black Army. Equipped standardly with a fine blaster rifle, pistol sidearm, thermal detonators and a vibrodagger as offense, Knights pack a large punch to enemies within and without. Their fiber medium armor offers excellent protection in combat and allow a Knight to carry a large amount of equipment.

Knights are used not just for military actions, but also for security aboard space stations and starships. They are also deployed as police throughout the Union.


Members of Divine Swordsmen of Hilûn, Keepers of the Flame and Aurum's Vengeance. To be a Paladin, is to be a holy warrior of Aurum's Pantheon. Paladins are fierce and absolutely merciless to heretics, just like most others in the Black Army. A Paladin is also prone to eradicating those he suspects unpure.

Armed with a powerful suit of armor that is lightly shielded and a large cleaver to exact divine wrath with, the Paladin seems like an irresistible force. However, even though tenacious, melee fighters are at a disadvantage against blaster wielding opponents even with the best of armor. To this extent a Paladin is armed with repulsorlift skates and jetpacks to glide across a battlefield and exact vengeance.

Zealot Walker

The Zealot walker hovers over infantry at roughly four meters. Armed with a single heavy laser cannon and multipurpose homing missile pods, the Zealot can handle light and medium armor with ease.

Escape is no option as a Zealot walker is also quite fast for a a vehicle of its size. This comes at the cost of armor, it cannot withstand heavy tanks for long.

Gehenna Hovertank

Equipped with a powerful composite-beam laser, the Gehenna brings extremely heavy firepower to the table, though it lacks more refined weapons for dealing with personnel in any efficient means.

In order to power such a powerful weapon, the Gehenna hovertank is fitted with an anti-matter annihilator which occupies the rear four meters of the craft, as well as capable heat sinks and several cryogenic reserve power cells. The Gehenna is fitted with a modest shield generator capable of absorbing incoming fire, though its primary purpose is to absorb damage and allow the Gehenna to relocate out of enemy firing arcs.

Ra Hovertank

Roughly six meters long, four meters wide and three meters tall, the Ra is the most powerful ground-based vehicle the Aurum Union has to offer. The main turret houses three heavy laser cannons, two smaller automated anti-infantry repeaters are placed here as well but rotate independently from the turret. On the main chassis, a single dual-barrel repeater is placed against infantry.

The Ra is protected by its starship-grade quadanium armor, which significantly boosts the crafts mass in comparison to other tanks of its class and size. Also equipped is a medium shield generator and a close range, low-power, personal point defence system.

Set Shuttle

With the large cargo hold and large thrusters the Set shuttle can quickly reach zones of conflict and deploy a large group of infantry or a hovertank. The onboard crew man the sidemounted blaster repeaters, providing cover for the Knights as they deploy.

The Set is also used to ferry supplies and officers, it is one of the most important transport vessels in the Union because of its speed and safety.

Horus Gunship Transport

The colossal Horus is a bearer of destruction. Heavily armed and armored, the only weakness the Horus has is the completely unprotected topside and that loss of too many thrusters can cause it to crash quite easily.

Just a few Horus can carry large amounts of troops, vehicles and equipment as well as its own ordnance winning battles almost single-handedly. Most prefer to surrender at its sight.

Black Fleet

Not bound by rules of engagement that restrict the Black Feet, the Prefect led Task Forces have no problem with repeated orbital bombardment of worlds as needed. The warships in the Black Feet are made to last and pack a punch.

Sobek-class Starfighter

Sobek-class Tactical Strike Starinterceptors are dedicated starfighters with limited multirole capabilities. Each deployable wing-pod houses five short-range, fast lock-on missile tubes and two very heavy turbolaser cannons.

The Sobek is aerodynamically built for speed. To defend it against other starfighters, it is equipped with light armor and heavy shields.

Atum-class Starbomber

Bane of capital ships, the Atum is a medium-sized Tactical Strike Starbomber with a powerful and extensive anti-ship payload of long-range proton bombs and missiles which it can deliver quickly and safely, relying on its astonishing speed and pair of light laser cannons

Like the Sobek, the Atum has a set of light armor alloy plating and heavy shields.

Ophanim-class Frigate

The Ophanim Frigate is a small and reliable patrol and support vessel, effectively screening enemy Strikecraft and keeping small capital ships at bay with its armament limited heavier armament. Armed with many anti-starfighter lasers, several missile launchers and some anti-ship turbolasers.

Defensively it has durable shields and armor, the design makes it structurally sturdier then most warships.

Cherubim-class Star Destroyer

Heavily armed and armored, the Cherubim Star Destroyer is the work horse of the Black Fleet. Carrying many laser cannons and turbolaser cannons, of note are the two forward single super-heavy turbolasers and a nose-mounted heavy missile launchers.

Besides offensive prowess, the Cherubim also carries a good amount of starfighters into battle. Defensively the Star Destroyer relies on its medium shields and heavy armor.

Nephilim-class Battlecruisers

Large warships optimized for combat, the Nephilim is brings the heavy guns to battle in the Black Fleet. Outfitted to serve as a command and control ship whilst simultaneously leading the battle with its own impressive array of combat systems, the Nephilim can be seen as essentially a bigger Cherubim with many enhancements.

Laser cannons, turbolaser cannons, several missile launchers, short-range point-defences, four single long-range heavy turbolasers and as its main weapons, two forward-mounted ultra-heavy laser cannons. The Nephilim can also carry a large amount of starfighters into battle from its two large hangars.

Heavy armor and shields all around protect the vulnerable innards of this warship, which is seen as the pride of the Aurum Union.

Seraphim-class Dreadnought

The Seraphim stands as the most powerful warship in the Black Fleet and its flagship. The Seraphim was made to act as the nerve center of the military in case other command centers were destroyed.

With nearly all of its turbolasers, laser cannons and missile launchers placed facing forward, the Colossus has to rely on support vessels, its thick hull and powerful shield for defence. The main weapon systems include four forward-mounted proton beams, one very heavy long-range forward-mounted laser cannon, one very heavy mass driver and six heavy mass drivers.

Once the shields are down, destroying vital locations such as the bridge and power stations becomes relatively easy.

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