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News update, some concept art, some music, and an update on our status.

Posted by psy_commando on Jul 1st, 2012

Hello, time for an update. First, I'd like to take the time to salute the Shadows of Lylat team, for their hard work and devotion. For those that don't know, our mentors, the SoL team, recently announced that their mod is dead :

Anyways, here are the good news. We got some more model sheets done, thanks to Alain. Almost all our characters for our pre-alpha are drawn, we just need to model, texture, and rig them now.

Here's our take on Slippy:

Also, our composer made a work in progress combat music. It features him singing near the end, however the in-game version won't have any vocals. Feel free to give feedback, we'd like to know if its too heavy for starfox.

On the coding side, we've implemented a new bullet system that will be used alongside the current system to simulate the slower projectiles. We've also ran tests to see if we could integrate Biohazard's deferred lighting system into our mod, but we found out a couple of problem with the way we're doing our maps. So we'll wait until it gets possible and viable to use it with our mod, before integrating it.

Finally, we are recruiting. If you have a skill, some free time, and want to help us, feel free to contact me via pm, or at What we need the most at this time is a character modeler, web designer/webmaster, a texture artist, and/or an animator.

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Caiman Jul 1 2012 says:

I like it but imo the song would be better as an instrumental all the way through

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psy_commando Author
psy_commando Jul 1 2012 replied:

yeah, the in-game song will be instrumental only.

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RennardFuchs Jul 2 2012 replied:

Glad that you like it :D

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DevinShadowV Jul 2 2012 says:


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WNxKraid Jul 2 2012 says:

"we JUST need to model, texture, and rig them now."

So basically 80% of the job is still ahead of you.
Model/sculpt highpoly, model lowpoly, uv-map/unwrap lowpoly, bake texture maps clean them up, add little details in the image editing software, rig the character, animate it, set up and export it to source.

Ofc. you might be able to save some time for building basic animation when using the default valve skeleton. On the other hand it might not fit on your characters very well and you could be better off building your own rig.

Maybe adjusting the valve skeleton to suit your characters and use the motionmapper to transfer animations to your rig would be also possible.

In the end you have to decide if it's worth the effort.
Possibly you might want to replace at least some of the default valve animations with your own anyway.

As for the music... i like the direction, reminds me somewhat of metroid metal, allthough i think they're more melodic. But you should make sure that it won't stand out to much and loops well ingame.

Maybe even create two versions of each track, a slower less agressive one for the main time and a fast and heavy version that will be played 30-60 seconds before the match ends.

Also it might be a good idea to go for different styles of music reflecting the the ambience of the map.

A mostly technoid map might be better off with some electronic sounds then Heavy metal riffs.

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RennardFuchs Jul 2 2012 replied:

Actually we have two versions of the song - I will post the slower one on my account :D
We are also making different sounds depending on the planet where you are playing (rock/jazz/eventually electronic on the surface and orchestral in space :) Thanx for the feedback :D

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psy_commando Author
psy_commando Jul 6 2012 replied:

Yeah, the way the "just" is interpreted is left to the discretion of the reader :P

As for the skeleton, we're currently trying with a custom rig and if things go wrong, we'll fallback on a modified valve skeleton. That's mostly because of the extra "parts" our characters have.
But thanks for the feedback and comments, we appreciate it.

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Dr.Goupyl Jul 2 2012 says:

Nice froggy looking Slippy !
Now im waiting to see them in game !

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MARiN3 Jul 2 2012 says:

great :-)

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RennardFuchs Jul 8 2012 replied:

Vielen Dank fuer dein Feedback :D

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nukeu Jul 2 2012 says:

i love heavy metal... i listen to blind guardian and iced earth while playing any of the Starfox games. agreed what was said above though, ppl do have different tastes. and even though i love metal others and myself may think it be more fitting to have a techno style when flying through a dense cornerian city... i personally dont care though, if you do keep up with the metal style though, guitar/bass and drums sounds great but the singing needs to stay away,no offense

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RennardFuchs Jul 3 2012 replied:

In the In-game there will be no singing - it's just purely for fun and for promotion of the mod :D
Thanx for the feedback :P
P.S. Judas Priest FTW :D

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