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I had a chance to jump in a play test session with some of our beta testers today. It was a pretty fun match and the BT crew was able to sniff out a few more bugs. Here are a couple quick video clips from our match.

Posted by Mastasurf on May 13th, 2012

I had a chance to jump in a play test session with some of our beta testers today. It was a pretty fun match and the BT crew was able to sniff out a few more bugs. Here are a couple quick video clips from our match.

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Cherub May 13 2012, 8:20pm says:

Oh... mah... GODDESS I can't freaking wait to play!!! That looks AMAZING GUYS! Keep it up!

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Colossal_Dragon May 13 2012, 8:25pm says:


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majorD2 May 13 2012, 8:28pm says:

I can't process

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carloscarlin May 13 2012, 8:42pm says:

**** just got real

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XEL0N0 May 13 2012, 9:30pm says:

:O asombroso

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JorgeX66 May 13 2012, 9:41pm says:

Holy Mother of God!!!

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Lanceo9 May 13 2012, 10:31pm says:


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romanius24 May 13 2012, 10:43pm says:

Looks done to me :)

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NickySenpai May 14 2012, 12:50am says:

Is this even considered Half Life anymore lol

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Soldier1312 May 14 2012, 4:02am says:

Why are you torturing me with this sight? I can't wait any longer :'(

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XaviorTrikiri May 14 2012, 7:04am buried:


Still looks generic like the previous version. Better graphics maybe, but nothing else.

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SPY-maps May 14 2012, 9:40am says:

i LOVE all the particles, and what you did with the sea and waves on the beach is simply amazing!!!

great job!

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qwerty_ May 14 2012, 12:00pm says:

Is the game i always wanted. Perfect!

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Pablo79 May 14 2012, 12:14pm says:

The best DBZ Game I Ever seen in my life! Awesome!

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XaviorTrikiri May 14 2012, 1:40pm buried:


I guess it's good you people settle for mediocre. Keeps you satisfied for life.

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xalener May 14 2012, 5:34pm replied:

Personally I settle for progress. You know, bringing goldsrc up and above source, and allowing the whole community to benefit from the advancement. I admit I'm not tracking for the game, I'm tracking for the tech. Coming here and being an elitist ********** in an effort to...what ever the **** your actual motivation is... won't actually change anything in your favor. I'm not saying you should stop though. It's great for a laugh.

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XaviorTrikiri May 14 2012, 5:58pm replied:

Elitist? Virgo.

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Grega May 14 2012, 2:16pm says:

Thats all relative.

Some people considder CoD and Halo to be the pinnacle of FPS evolution, while myself and others considder them as ****** examples of video games that are just milking 1 successfull title.

One persons mediocricy can be anothers gold and the other way round.

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xalener May 14 2012, 5:26pm replied:

Don't think for one ******* second you can put them both in the same league.
One is a semi old school arena shooter that concentrates on map control in open areas with emphasis on midrange combat with a healthy mix of infantry and vehicles, the other is an on rails shooter.

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Grega May 14 2012, 6:26pm replied:

Was making a reply to Xavior and some how ended up as a different reply.

But CoD being semi old school is like saying Combat Flight Simulator is semi side scrolling shooter.

The only semi old school game still available is the Unreal Tournament franchise. Even quake botched up that formula after number 3.

Besides that was not my point. My point was that some people praise them like the greatest thing on earth, but others (me included) find them to be pretty ****** games.

A.K.A opinions are like *****. Everyone has one.

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FUKINPIKEY May 14 2012, 7:36pm replied:

Neither CoD nor Halo are anything close to ''old school''.

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timstro59 May 15 2012, 10:55am replied:

there are when you take them back to the first games.

but when you can take an old game engine such as the goldsrc and it this level of quality, that truly is progress.

CoD and Halo are good games, but their nothing special, the strategys in them remain them same no matter whats introduced, that make them old school.

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xalener May 15 2012, 2:59pm replied:

Cod went to **** the moment killstreaks were introduced. In a way, the state on mp gaming as a while went to **** when cod made killstreaks and player ability progression popular. Thats mainly why I stick behind halo, it's really close to how it was in 2001. multiplayer gaming was generally in a decent state at the time. The intricate customization of the game balance itself only became a plus. Talk **** all you want, you've never played a game of king of the hill where the hill was a tank and the only weapon anyone is given is a giant gold club. That being said, I agree with your point, but theres no need to be an ******* and throw whole fanbases under the bus to make it.

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Darthlex May 19 2012, 6:46am replied:

Whereas there are multiple reasons to go fanboy crazed over someone criticising a game series. But I do find it rather hilarious that your argument for Halo being great is the fact that it *hasn't* innovated for more than 11 years, because - naturally - that truly is the way to evolve.

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xalener May 21 2012, 1:07am replied:

Well, my point was going to stretch far beyond that comment, but I'd written it on a phone. Now that I've got a proper keyboard, I can reiterate.
The thing about Halo that I like is that at it's base it's a mix of a lot of good features. They may have not been revolutionary in 2001, but they certainly haven't all been featured in a single game. Since then, additions came to the series that weren't original, but were still novel. Halo 2 brought in dual wielding, vehicle destruction, and vehicle hijacking while omitting Halo 1's health pack system. Sure two of those three additions weren't new, but they rarely show up in the same game. Dual wielding usually shows up in more ego style shooters where the individual player is the focus of the gameplay, and vehicles/ vehicular destruction usually shows up in more tactical team based games like Battlefield 1942. The addition of health regen was the start of a horrible trend, and I personally didn't (and don't) like it, but it was inconsequential in the Halo formula where it's usually death upon contact.

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xalener May 21 2012, 1:08am replied:

When Halo 3 came along and brought Saved Films, a more comprehensive set of custom game options, and a primitive (but servicable) forge, a whole different set of games grew out of it. Hundreds of unique gametypes grew out of the huge amount of tweaking allowed from the custom game option, and the meh forge tool. Stuff like Fat kid (one incredibly strong and extremely slow player with melee weapons chases weak shieldless players armed with heavy weapons through an obstacle filled maze), Trash compactor (one player chucks vehicles and loose objects down a tube and they're propelled by a gravity cannon into a narrow hallway where the rest of the players have to dodge it all and climb the debris to get to the guy), Dodge ball (two different teams on far spaced floating platforms throw sticky grenades at each other and AOE damage is dampened), and many more. Some of my most fond memories of Halo don't actually involve the vanilla game.

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xalener May 21 2012, 1:10am replied:

The thing is, this does represent the evolution that I would desire from all games in the future. Persistant leveling, weapon unlocks, or any kind of reward system is fine as a set of tools to let the player interact with the world, but it means nothing if you're doing it in a tube or can only use them to do one or two things (many recent shooters). What has kept me with Halo for the past decade is how the game is loose and simple enough for things to be completely repurposed. The discovery of warthog jumping in Halo 1 turned the whole campaign into a jungle gym. 40 meter high towers put there for decoration became landing zones. It was great. I want more of that in games.

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xalener May 21 2012, 1:11am replied:

After all, that branching experience has always been how I defined "play". It brings me to the mindset that I had when I was ~12 playing outside with my friends. Red light green light would turn to tag would turn to slap boxing would turn to duck duck goose (mixed with slap boxing) would turn to tree climbing would turn to pretend skydiving, and it would all be punctuated with those cheap frozen popsickle sticks. Say what you want, that's what I equate the Halo experience to. Halo is a game that refuses to stay being one thing. I put the disc in wanting to shoot an alien midget in the face, and end up playing anti gravity golf. I'm aware there are those who are only interested in the base game, and are put off by it. I understand the reasons why too, but the errors just don't get to me as much.

In conclusion: I like a game. I'm sorry.

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xalener May 21 2012, 1:18am replied:

inb4 tl;dr

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Grega May 21 2012, 8:48am replied:

That still kind of proves my point ^^

Everyone has an opinion. And i was saying that to Xavior. But the reply feature kinda got a tad busted or i just miss clicked.

Me i find halo a mediocre Unreal Tournament wannabe thats responsible for a flood of ****** games relying on a shoot and hide till you heal strategy.

But again thats an opinion. And the very fact that everyone has an opinion was my point to Xavior when he said that people settle for mediocrity. It was his opinion, but not necessary other peoples to.

Did i use Halo as an example of what i mean? Yes

Did i intentionally take a pot shot at Halo? No, i just used it because its popular. Same with CoD.

So can we please stop the entire fanboy debate?

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xalener May 21 2012, 10:27am replied:

Sorry. Bunch of family **** just happened on this end, and typing calms me down.

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druidsource May 14 2012, 6:48pm says:

I cried when I saw an explosion.

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MastG May 14 2012, 7:38pm says:

10/10 I came all over my keyboard

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xalener May 15 2012, 2:47pm says:

You got my examples mixed around. Opinions are more like opinions. Judgments aren't above judgement.

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EarlTama May 16 2012, 11:58pm says:

Sooo.... When does it come out? CAN'T WAIT :3

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Nightscout May 17 2012, 8:26pm says:

0_0 MEGUSTA 0_0

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StegoSigma May 18 2012, 10:11pm says:

I pooped.

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DaFeLa May 21 2012, 1:17pm says:

looks awesome and looks like it nearly to be released ^^

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PUNTIER Nov 29 2013, 5:45pm says:

this is the best game ever but it take too much time to finish i think u will get much Money by this game sell it fast i want it thx

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