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The core team now consists of two people and quite some features have been implemented and new artworks are available, read here.

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Hello everybody, it has been a while but we made some very good progress, read below.

A major step forward was that the core team now consists of two people. Please welcome a friend of mine which is a Unity Programmer and has been working on some titles already. Recently he was working on Might&Magic Legacy by Ubisoft.
His craft will help to push the content and quality of this game forward. One issue I had was that I was responsible for so many things and now I am able to focus on single topics at a time.

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Recent Updates:
People management enhanced
Extending energy system
Implementing Citizens

Some of the recently implemented features are:
- Building placement included (Validate, rotate, register)
- Pathfinding for street layout and citizen movement
- Citizen AI (Walk, construct buildings, consume water and food)
- Basic features like Loadings-screen, game pause and main menu
- Map and terrain data is defined by 2D Grids

We have thought about the resources that can be gathered and to which goods, buildings and other resources those could be converted. A basic overview can be seen above.
The basic resources are plastic, scrap and rubble and cover most of the map. You have to collect those resources to create space to expand, just like in Banished.
Below there are some concepts of those assets.

The development of the city is a huge point which is still not defined in detail but the rough progress looks like the illustration below. People start with simple tent constructions made out of plastic and fabric waste. Research and updates are important features and enable advanced types of constructions and resources.

I can understand if this is still very little information but I would like you to comment your thoughts on this and I will answer most questions. We are looking forward to have big updates in summer.


Nice :D

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can i make a suggestion about roads?

-Make roads and paths worthwhile. For example, in the game Banished roads takes too long to make and they consume too much manpower and resource. And after it is done they didn't really make that much difference which is a let down.

-Don't make roads a requirement for anything but has some advance building absolutely need roads to operate, essentially turns roads into a kind of soft milestone, not needed in early game but a must in late game. Some city building game veteran might developed a form of obsessive compulsive when it comes to roads and walkway. Please use your game mechanic to remind us that we're just a group of survivor struggling to get by, not some Imhotep level architect designing his grand city.

-boardwalk and platform, bridges are simply not enough. I always imagine the land after the end time as very inhospitable, with very little room for conventional habitation. Toxic swamp and lake with mutated flora, Rocks twisted by radiation and heat decorate the side of bottomless valley and imagine the game force players to build on top of those thing. Also it's kinda romantic if you ask me :)

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Eyello Author

Thanks for your feedback.

Roads, at least advanced ones, will be worthwhile to increase the speed of transportation units.

I agree with your last point. One of the first images I had in mind of EndCiv was an end time Venice setting. A town above muddy surface full of waste, with some boats floating around between the "boardwalk and platform" constructions.

For various reasons we have simplified the game. We just could not reach the quality that I am after for a game of freedom and variety.
So all the cool stuff has to wait for EndCiv2 or something like that :)

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