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The new version of the Community's Expansion Pack is about to be released. It will have bugfixes, changes, balancing and some new stuff too! However, some things will also be removed, so go ahead and post your ideas what to do with these things...

Posted by AyCe on Feb 2nd, 2013

Hello people!

After a long pause we finally started working on a new CEP version again. Well, we started working on it as soon as 1.1.0 was out, but there aren't many people activly working on the project - in fact it's mostly Henry with some stuff made by me.
Anyway, we will deliver bugfixes, additions and many (balancing) changes. Some are important, so I'll mention them here:

- The Sentinel will "replace" the Ninja Monkey as the SEAS' scouting unit. We only added the Ninja Monkey because we somehow wanted to try stuff out. But firstly, it makes no sense, secondly, the Sentinel was made as the scout by the SEK, so we will use that.

- Funtitans and the Amazon Temple have been removed. Yes, they are fun, but also overpowered and... well... not really fitting. The amazon temple does not fit to the other tribes than Dustriders. Apart from that, they had the weirdest "hero-condition" of all units.

- The Pirate Habour and the Pirate ships and cargolifter are removed. Instead, Miyagi (The pirate captain) will only give the dunkleosteus guard - this unit will be improved, so it makes sense to be built.

Sad to see so much stuff removed? Look at it, most of it really didn't make any sense. Why should 1 hero give 1 special building and 3 units? If you have ideas for alternatives and stuff, feel free to post them. If you are interested in helping us (in any way, really! even people just making screenshots are welcome!) contact me (xanthonycolex) or Henry (mrmorgana) on XFire.

Oh, and we will also have a cool new icon by Kharg :D

Your Team

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GeneralKong Feb 2 2013 says:

are these all the changes planned for CEP, or only the ones that are clear for the moment?

Cant wait for the new version :D

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AyCe Author
AyCe Feb 3 2013 replied:

Most of it has already been done. We just need to pack things and test it. Expect a new version to be out within a week.

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kazarr Feb 2 2013 says:

I don't care either way, the Amazon Temple never even produced any units for me. It just healed stuff and had no training/building menu. Might've been a bug.

On the subject of a single hero providing multiple extra units and an extra structure though, I actually kind of like that. It would mean that a player's choice of heroes would very significantly alter his tech and playstyle. But it would only work if every hero would do that, and I can't see that being pulled off. The amount of extra content and balancing of that content that would be required would be insane.

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AyCe Author
AyCe Feb 3 2013 replied:

The amazon temple could only produce funtitans, and you would need Trader, Miyagi and Tarna for that. Makes no sense...

The problem is: It's easy to make "new" stuff, but the players will mostly use old stuff. Why even build eusmilus riders when you can just have some units with good attack?

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kazarr Mar 5 2013 replied:

It kind of depends on what's provided. I once won a match by just spamming dilophosaurus nests and smoke towers. I was all over the map but nobody could see me, and I had a free respawning guard force. The sheer hilarity value was amazing, as enemy forces faced all sorts of trouble wading through tides of dilophosaurus and eventually getting bogged down and killed with zero effort on my part. I could just build a small elite force and a few ninjas a poke at the enemy base with guerillia strikes now and then until buildings started to crumble and no expansions were safe to use because of dilophosaurus infestations reinforced by small, invisible patrols.
Funny example of a special strategy that requires non-standard units. It also actually worked, for some weird reason. I couldn't stop laughing.

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