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Like in Red Alert 2, Twisted Insurrection features capturable civilian structures to help benefit you during matches. Check this update to view some of these structures!

Posted by Aro on Sep 5th, 2009

Hello loyal TI Fans!

This update will show you a couple of the capturable structures or Tech structures if you prefer that will be featured in Twisted Insurrection. We have many tech structures planned but not all of them are finished yet and some we're still having problems with in order to get working correctly, I'll update the first post whenever a new tech structure is finished. Also note that every tech building is remappable and that you can construct buildings next to all tech structures other than the defensive structures such as gun turrets and the stationary Artillery.

GloboTech hospital:

Role: GloboTech hospitals can be found in many civilian areas, if captured you can send your infantry (including cyborgs) inside and they will be fully healed and ready to go back onto the field, there is no limit to how many soldiers you can heal. Also, once the GloboTech hospital is captured you will be able to train medics.

GloboTech Armory:

Role: GloboTech Armories are normally hidden in mountainous areas away from normal civilian cities. The GloboTech Armories contain lots of useful technology and weaponry which can be used by your own forces once captured. You will also be able to train GloboTech rangers and GloboTech guardians once the Armory is under your control.
Note: Send your Infantry into an Armory to convert them from their current rank to an elite status, there is no limit to the amount of times you can promote a unit from an armory which makes them very valuable structures on the field.

GloboTech Construction Outpost:

Role: If a GloboTech Construction Outpost is captured, commanders will be able to construct their own structures next to it.

Construction Outpost:

Role: Normal Civilian Construction Outposts perform the same role as GloboTech Construction Outposts, they are a lot more fragile than their GloboTech counterparts however.

Small Oil Pump:

Role: Small Oil Pumps can be captured and sold for an extra 1500 credits. These Small Oil Pumps do not generate cash over time which means there is no reason for them to be defended.

Fusion Plant:

Role: Fusion Plants are one of the most efficient sources of power on the field. Once captured you will gain a sufficient amount of extra power. Once you have captured a Fusion Plant, you will be able to construct a fusion accelerator upgrade for any Fusion Plants that you have under your control.

Vulcan Gun Battery:

Role: These military gun batteries can be captured by tactical defense purposes. Vulcan Gun Batteries are a lot more effective than GDI Vulcan towers and Nod Laser turrets so they can be very useful to capture in certain areas.

Cannon Gun Battery:

Role: These military gun batteries can be captured by tactical defense purposes. Cannon Gun Batteries are the most effective defensive structure in Twisted Insurrection as they have a higher rate of fire than Nod Obelisks and are more effective than GDI RPG cannons.

Artillery Battery:

Role: These huge Artillery's are a force to be reckoned with with. With an incredible range and astonishing amount of firepower they are definitely worth capturing. The shells that the Monster Artillery fires are known to KO almost anything and turn any vehicle into scrap metal in a matter of seconds. Due-to the extreme range of the Artillery itself, it doesn't have excellent accuracy which is it's only weakness.

Still to come:

  • Oil Derick
  • GloboTech Radar Array
  • GloboTech Warehouse
  • GloboTech Repair Bay
  • GloboTech Cruise Missile Pad

Again, I hope you enjoyed the update, keep your eyes open for updates by the way, as rather than posting a news update I'll edit this one with the additional tech structures as they get made. Take care, and keep watching. :)

- Aro

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56er Sep 5 2009, 10:42am says:


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Ferkhat Sep 5 2009, 10:50am says:

Very nice! Good job!

+2 votes     reply to comment
BoredGunman Sep 5 2009, 11:21am says:

amazing work, looks like what i'd expect from westwood (EA?)

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Sep 5 2009, 1:42pm replied:

Trust me, you didn't want to say that... = ] I like WW's style, but TI has its own style, i.e. of higher quality. :-D

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ghobot21 Sep 5 2009, 11:39am says:


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BlackShadow1991 Sep 5 2009, 11:39am says:

Nice one :)

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attackmike Sep 5 2009, 1:17pm says:

what is globotech?O.O?

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Sep 5 2009, 1:44pm replied:

Pretty capitalistic ztypers, selling explosive sausages in exchange for some bucks.

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Aro Author
Aro Sep 6 2009, 8:42am replied:

Globotech Corporation are all about self-defense for people and places all around the world. Globotech is the largest corporation on the planet and the largest corporation for weapon and machinery development but mainly focus on safe housing and colonies for both civilians and the GDI.
The Global Defense Initiative are good customers to the Globotech corporation as their Hover technology comes from the Globotech Corporation along with engines etc.
Globotech is also a corporation that makes civilian shelters and plenty of advanced systems for Tiberium protection but not guaranteed against Tiberium Creature protection. During the early years of the 21 that Globotech has been around they was never a large corporation, but only during 2005 - 2019 Have they been very large due-to the huge increase in Tiberium Mutations and creatures.
While Globotech concentrates on the healthy part of Earth's population, creating Tiberium protection housing and bunkers etc. They do very little research into Tiberium itself as the corporation are not too fond of going out onto the field to do researching for themselves. The corporation has an objective to prevent and remove all mutations from the planet. Globotech offers medical support for humans whom have fallen into Tiberium poisoning, in order to help the desperate majority. Though a cure hasn't been found for Tiberium Poisoning yet, Globotech offers what they can to help.
Some of the homes made by Globotech corporation don't sell all that well as they can't guarantee protection against mutations and dangerous creatures, while other homes can only guarantee protection against Tiberium itself. Globotech have a large structure known as the "Unity Tower" which is all about civilian research and development which is behind the new technological advancements in safer housing and shelters as protection from the effects of Tiberium.

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InStars Sep 5 2009, 1:57pm says:

Very nice, I saw them in your forum before tho :D
But still - very nice!

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jerry311 Sep 6 2009, 1:51am says:

This will add much fun to the game . Come on !

+1 vote     reply to comment
Keltus Sep 8 2009, 12:33pm says:

Looks good so far... And it is only gonna get better!

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