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Burning Ground : BAD NEWS The Protoss Race is Cancelled

Posted by Black_Overseer on Mar 30th, 2014

I am extremely sorry, Protoss Race is Cancelled

thebest said, don't have much time.
sadly.. Young men are subject to compulsory military service regardless of the reason in South Korea, currently the only nation still divided by ideology on the globe.

very sorry.. protoss going to new race 'Coalition'.
Coalition is Remnants of the UED.

stay tuned...


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KYSXD Mar 30 2014 says:

Very sad to read this :(

Anyway, you all have our full support!

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RobertHouse Mar 30 2014 says:


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Lumine21 Mar 30 2014 says:


All i wanted was the protoss :'(

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Exe20 Mar 31 2014 says:

Nooo! Que bajón! :(

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Templarfreak Mar 31 2014 says:

I wish you luck in the Millitary, TheBest. I hope you stay alive and you don't get put into negative situations. An artist such as yourself doesn't deserve this kind of treatment.

But it's totally understandable that South Korea does this, as they border a nation run by psychopaths that could spring on them at any minute...Literally any minute!

FFS, N. Korea is forcing men to get a Kim Jung-un Haircut!

On a brighter note, this does leave room for some more unique Terran designs, though. As the UED is quite different from the Kel-Morian and the Dominion.

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Valherran Mar 31 2014 says:

That sucks, but there is always "later".

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Raygoza Mar 31 2014 says:

I'm really sorry you have to go TheBest, but we can wait a lot longer for the Protoss if we need to, have you really decided to not make them?
If it's the lack of units to make a new race I know you guys are qualified to make it work by merging the races.

My idea is you start as common ground Terran, having research that decides which faction you will pick, once you choose the other buttons should be locked and according to the faction things will have that faction requirement (research) done.
This way the Terran factions can share buildings like Command Center, Barracks, Factory, Starport etc.

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Raygoza Mar 31 2014 says:

And if you decide to make the Protoss you could also split them in two factions, I suggest Khala and Void since this mod is about minor factions to be playable.
The Khala possibly Thal'darim do not accept the Dark Templars ways and thus are pure Khala.
The Dark templars do not say that wielding both energies is bad and thus could allow twilight units, they could also have their own High Templar with a bit different powers. Maybe add in Feedback, void would have Stalkers and maybe Oracle too.
Khala would have Dragoons and maybe the Replicant.

The choice is pretty much between going for brute force or tricks and abilities to beat the enemy.

I believe this would make your mod so much ritcher and quality is worth waiting for.

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Victor_Frankenstein Mar 31 2014 says:

Okay, guys. There's nothing bad if this doesn't change the whole idea and the story of the game/mod. So... Good bye, Thal'darims, and welcome, UED guys. And, of course, good luck to mod devs.

To Raygoza:
That's good idea to make subfactions as CommCenter upgrades! But there're some limitations, and the most important is that you cannot pre-select the subfaction for your opponent (bot).
But you can make all variations of each race, and the Zerg too! :D (Come here my zerglings! Hehe)

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the-royal-tester Mar 31 2014 says:

Too bad, I wonder if you would change your mind about deleting the protoss, we can wait if it is necessary man. Anyway, I respect you for everything you have done, such a great mod we are having now. And of course, we'll still appreciate it with or without the Protoss. Good luck in the army!

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