Quick full pictured review of our last battle between Russian mixed and NATO mixed platoons. Video in the next update.

Posted by IceViperLat on Dec 7th, 2011

Quick full pictured review of our last battle between Russian mixed and NATO mixed platoons.
Video in the next update.

Well in any way i was thinking that with my soviet monsters from 80-90 years i can win.LOL...I am surprised and same time shocked and now i will explain why. During whole mod we were trying to put in mod as much reallity as we can in unit balancing.For example if we cant make optical scope issues in units due FOC engine or some missile code disadvantages,we were scaling down some initial specifications like FOV or missile maneuverability respectively.

And thats why everything shocked me,even if its not the most realistic game engine and it has lots of non-realities but the point is that every damn soviet tank can be shootet by TOW missile and overall if you if you have loads of them you can erase whole eastern front:D...But TOWs are quite expensive to copy paste your Humvees and send them to slaught russian tanks innit,i am not telling about crew that needs to be trained and be saved:) So bassicly we need to think what to do with that thing.Taking damge out only because of styupid ballance and then be like Modern warfare 3 where to kill BTR80 you need 3 rpgs;D........Its styupid,agree with me?That's why i will leave damage but will inspect little bit more about price of that thing.And again there is a problem,even if its price around 200 000 $ it still MUCH less than a tank eg soviet or nato.Thats why any TOW variants on any chasis starting from HMMWV till gunships are damn deadly.

Every unit,every gun we were thoroughly inspecting,even contacted guy that was in Afganistan in '87 driver of BTR80.And what showed to us our first big scale battle:

  • Playing on Russian side it is much harder.You need proper units and clever brains to win.
  • If you are not using tactics=you will loose about with chance of 90%.
  • Quantity isnt always right bet, but if enemy has x2 more similar in function units you will loose maybe at 75%,unless you will bomb him with air strike or nuclear cruise missile...
  • Even cruise missile can be intercepted:D
  • I am not even saying about bombing run that can be shooted down by patriots pac2, ,pac3,s300 or s400;D
  • Using tactical structures such as builded outpost turrets and commander point can organise and upgrade your army.
  • Gunships are really good but can be easly taken out by any small-medium range SAMs.Actually long range are effective too but for just takin out helicopters then are too unmaneuverable and expensive.
  • Standart infantry is total fail everywhere exept towns:D!

Well thats it i guess.Heres are some screenshots.
1)Russian platoon

2)NATO mixed platoon (LOL where did u seen Leopard and Bradlys in same time;D)

3)MIL-28N feels last seconds of his live...

4)MIL-28N died in the glorious battle :D Gunner in "avenger" has now trolling face;)

5)Unit slaughter starting

6)NATO revenges too:)))

7)Someone is calling for SS-N-19 ;D

8)Someone is watching consequences :)

9)Someone smiling:))

Next update is video from this battle. Thank u for watching ;).

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p*a*t*t*o*n Dec 7 2011 says:

if this is the outcome you're getting for RF v NATO...looks like you got it just about right :)

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stormtroopera Dec 7 2011 says:

Cool ! but i thought playing as russian was a easy job

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IceViperLat Author
IceViperLat Dec 8 2011 replied:

Well i think most of you thought that if devejopers are russian,than russian side will be much more powerfull.Nah,not that easy.Main role of the mod reality,even on this "fantasy" game engine:)

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zimon2210 Dec 8 2011 replied:

Sci-fi i'd say ;)
Anyway mod is awesome! :D

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IceViperLat Author
IceViperLat Dec 8 2011 replied:

To sci-fi can be descripted only story.Thats it.Every unit is real.Buildings and proprs are original that soon will be changed.Show me sci-fi lol;/

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stormtroopera Dec 9 2011 replied:

I know, I just don't want any side become overpowered. Maybe u can try to increase the TOW's reload time(decrease rate of fire) to overcome it's op problem (I think this is pretty realistic too, correct me if I'm wrong)

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EclipseStardestroyer Dec 8 2011 says:

Love it!

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RC-0001-Nick Dec 10 2011 says:


I am relatively new to this mod so I'm not filled in on virtually any detail.

You're saying that the Russian tanks can be taken out by TOW missles on Humvees. Okay fine.

But don't the Russians have any, and I mean any, vehicle similar to that?! You're kidding. You're telling me that the Russians have never even thought of putting a TOW launcher on any vehicle...thats bull.

Also the prices are pretty high. 200 000 for a single humvee, which is less than a single tank?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Thats fine if the income is increased also increased but if income stays the same as in vanilla...when will I ever buy a carrier then?!

Also what do you mean by mixed? I know NATO would operate in a large battle with units from all of its nations, but do I see a T-34 among the NATO forces? (maybe I am mistaken)

Will I only be able to build US tanks in the US or in any NATO state? (Same for building German tanks in US)

Is the the AI OverPowered like in RAW? If it is then F*ck me...

My final question is if the paint scheme for jets/any vehicle will change. I saw some pics and I have to say that I wish the A-10 Warthogs would by the plain gray they are in real life (or at least in most squadrons) instead of some jungle cameo.

Do the tech levels alter time period?
Tech 1 = post world war 2
Tech 2 = Korean war
Tech 3 = Vietnam war
Tech 4 = 80s and 90s (Most of what we got)
Tech 5 = Modern day/near future tech

Finally I like the realism but not if its a piece of cake to play as the US and beat the Russians...

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IceViperLat Author
IceViperLat Dec 10 2011 replied:

Thank you for your beautiful comment.Let start from the top.

1)I asume you wasnt watching all screens. Here's are your analog of american TOW= Ivmod.do.am ,thats so fail,on the main page there are 2 pictures of 9P148 Konkurs...
Btw i wasnt saying any thing that u are now trying to tell me
Here is some list of russian ATM:
АТ-1А Snipper
AT-2 Swatter
AT-3 Sagger
АТ-15 Springer
АТ-16 Scallion
As you see there are 16 of soviet/russian anti tank missiles which we only know about...

2)Prices are scalled down in game,eg.
Abrams A2-aprox-6 mil. in game aprox. 1350 gold units
T90A aprox 3-4 mil in game aprox. 1050 gold units

3)Because its only platoon,nato standart formation dont make so important mixed units in so small group,at least they must be much bigger and be formated in divisions or corps or even bigger.Maybe in war situation it changes.

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IceViperLat Author
IceViperLat Dec 10 2011 replied:

4)As it was told hundred of times Skimirish release will contain only mixed units from all over the world.Galactic map will have regions(countries).Every country will able to make only those units which they produce in real.

5)AI doesnt work now at all:D Its not realy overpowered,only it is much agressive.And it hase a bit more money so bot odnt fear to spawn units;)

6) Williamstownfd.com (facepalm) and watch this photo as well, Moddb.com as u can see it much harder to see "stupid jungle camo" in forest than "cyuul grey" one.

This mod started as answer on "brave US soldiers" that helps whole world,"bombs for democration:DDDDD" and lots of other stuff that they dont show on CNN and films(WHY?) and of cours "epic games" such as COD and WIC.Then we started to realise how this all situtation is pathetic since 50% of our gamers will be english-talking persons.

Thats why mod converted to something like WW3 simulator on "fantasy game engine".Its really hard to change everything.In other mods u can leave any bugs and say,that theese things are cool.For example u got blue laser,but it must be yellow.Who cares?U will say that was "intended" and lots of other simmilar things.

In all this situation we have only 2 real mod makers.Me and Scorch62-94,thats why mod is going so slow.
Anyways thank u for comments and if u got any question ask;)

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War! Dec 11 2011 says:

Can't ******* wait!

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IceViperLat Author
IceViperLat Dec 11 2011 replied:

WooUUUUT btw russian AI started to work propperly,u need to just wait NATO side.Btw in enw release there will be 6 new Strykers;D

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willychong8921 Dec 16 2011 says:

I just can't take this any more, I really want to play russian tanks!!!!! *_*

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HunterRuZ May 25 2012 says:

У меня вопрос: можешь поменять точки на флаги РФ и США?

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