Westeros: Total War is a modification for Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms. It is based on the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' novels by George R.R. Martin.

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House Stark of Winterfell is one of the Great Houses of Westeros and the principal noble house of The North; many lesser houses are sworn to them. In days of old they ruled as Kings of Winter; since the Targaryen Conquest they have been Wardens of the North. Their seat, Winterfell, is an ancient castle renowned for its strength. Their sigil is a grey direwolf racing across a field of white, and their words are "Winter Is Coming".

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Voice by the king's prize
Video by MasterBigAb

Units by Murfmurf, unique Generals by HannibalExMachina.

With help from Edric Storm, Tyler, HannibalExMachina and Wereturnip (please rep!)

Special mention for Cedric37 for his UIs and logo!

Map by Toho, UI elements by Noobas.

And thanks to the coders behind the scenes :)

As with anything, a work of art is only as good as the sum of its parts. As such I'd like to thank the amazing community members of the TWC for their generosity and indefatigable dedication.
We'd like to thank:
DisgruntledGoat and the 1066 team
Burrek and his textures
Rusichi Total War
BALTS Total War
Broken Crescent and AlphaDelta in particular
And probably a few more :)

Stratmap Models
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Levy Units

All factions in Westeros: Total War have a few generic levy units. The Northerners are no different, though these units differ slightly from their Southron cousins. These men are cheap and available quickly, but they cannot hold their own against more experienced, professional and better armed soldiers.

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Peasants are the cheapest troops available to a Northern general. Cheap and cheerful, these men have answered the summons of their lord to do battle with his enemies. They are armed with anything that is close to hand; usually farming implements and the like, and all they have for protection is a cheap wooden shield. They are good arrow fodder, but good for little else.

Spear Levy
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These levied spearmen are better armed and armoured versions of their peasant brethern. Armed with a stout spear, oak shield and a little armour they are able to hold off better troops, and are skilled at dealing with light cavalry. They will find it tough going when facing skilled professionals however.

Bow Levy
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These bowmen are levied into their lord's army in times of need. They have some small skill with the bow, but are untrained and ill-disciplined, and will scatter at the smallest sign of danger.

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Outriders are light cavalry, adept at harrying flanks and archers. Their main purpose in an army is foraging and scouting, but when called to the field they can be a nuisance to any enemy general. They are lightly armoured and armed, and should not be expected to hold their own against heavy cavalry or spearmen.

Northern Units

These troops are the mainstay of House Stark's armies. They are hardened semi- and full professionals better equipped for war than their levy comrades.

Northern Spearmen
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These spearmen form the main battle-line for most Northern armies. They are well-trained semi-professional troops, often with some experience in the field. They are well armoured, in chain and leather, and carry stout kite shields in the Northern style. They are adept at holding off an enemy charge or cavalry, until their more specialist comrades can come to the fore.

Northern Pikemen
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These troops are specially drilled and armed to be the most redoubt bulwark in a Northern battle-line. Armed with long pikes, they can hold off most Southron infantry and are deadly to even the most fearsome cavalry.

Northern Longbowmen
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In the North the longbow is a much prized weapon of war, and those skilled enough to use it are bound into small units when their lord calls the banners. These men are deadly with their chosen weapon, and can far outrange any common bow or crossbow favoured by the Southron cousins. They are well armoured as well, and can defend themselves in melee when called upon.

Northern Axemen
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Those living along the Stoney Shore are used to a hard life, with constant raids from those on the Iron Islands. Due to this, these men have adapted their fighting style to that of their enemy's. The axe is a common enough weapon throughout Westeros, and these men, through harsh experience and determined practice, have becoming highly proficient with it. They may not be as skilled as a lord's men-at-arms, but they are valuable shocktroops nonetheless.

Northern Men-at-Arms
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These troops are professional soldiers trained and geared by their lords. They are the standard heavy infantry of a Northern host, and are well armoured and armed with a host of hand-to-hand weaponry. They can be relied on in most situations, but are vulnerable to knights and other heavy cavalry.

Northern Cavalry
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There are few knights in the North, where the Seven hold little sway. As such, few take knightly vows, and instead swear their allegiance to their lords and heart trees. Although they are no "sers", they are no less deadly in battle. Mounted on barded destriers and equipped in the knightly fashion, they are terrifying on the charge.

Mountain Units

These men are the clansmen of the mountains in the north-west of the Stark lands. Although rarely called upon, they are leal and fiercely loyal to the Starks, and adept at fighting in the harsh conditions of the North.

Mountain Clansmen
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These clansmen are light infantry adept at fighting in snow and forest. They are expert ambushers, and fierce in melee combat. They are however, lightly armoured, and vulnerable to cavalry and archers.

Mountain Bowmen
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These clansmen are used to hunting prey in the wild, and as such are expert archers. They do not have the range or discipline of their longbow-armed comrades, but they are skilled bowmen nonetheless.

Mountain Champions
User Posted Image

These fearsome men are the champions of such clans as Liddle, Norrey and Flint. They are armed with the best gear available to them, often passed down through generations. On the battlefield they are absolutely fearless, and whilst not as disciplined as their more civilised comrades, they are no less skilled.

Regional Units

These units are specific to a certain region or province, but available to any and all factions
if they conquer that part of the world.

Rills Cavalry
User Posted Image
The men of the Rills are the most skilled horse riders and breeders in the entire North, where horses are a rare commodity. These men are excellent medium cavalry. They are nearly as swift as outriders, yet much better armed.

Umber Greatswords
User Posted Image
The far north is a bitterly bleak place, and these men, who hail from The Last Hearth and its hinterlands, are men born of their environment. They are large men, and they have to be to wield their greatswords. They are a fearsome soldiery, and the pride of their Umber masters.

Wolfswood Hunters
User Posted Image
These hunters hail from the expansive Wolfswood. They are skilled hunters, trackers and bowmen, and are the most deadly archers available to a Northern general. They are, however, levied peasants, and should not be expected to act like professional soldiers.

Dreadfort Infantry
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The Dreadfort, stronghold of House Bolton, is a fearsome place, and these troops are the living embodiment of their master's keep. They are the household guard of the Boltons, and under Roose they are a terrible weapon, creating havoc with their huge two-hander axes.

White Harbour Knights
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The Manderlys, long exiled from the Reach, are the only Northern house to practice Southron ways, including the Seven. As such, House Manderly has a large amount of knights under its command. These men are the finest heavy cavalry available to a Northern general. They are armed in heavy plate and Northern ringmail and furs; their style an odd fusion of Southern and Northern ways.

Stark Household Guard
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These man are the grey-cloaked guards of Winterfell, utterly loyal to the Starks. In battle they are hardened and disciplined veterens who will break an enemy charge with spears before closing with castle-forged longswords. They are amongst the finest troops of the North.

Captain and Bodyguard
User Posted Image

General and Bodyguard
User Posted Image

And there you have it folks, House Stark of Winterfell! Hope you enjoyed the preview. I'd like to say a big thankyou to the team for putting up with my ridiculous slow working speed. As ever, comments and criticisms (constructively :P) are welcome.

Merci beaucoup!


About time.

Winter took too long to come. >_>

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This one is old D: was up on TWcenter March 10, 2012
For the best information about the mod, watch it here Twcenter.net

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Toho Author

Aye, every week I am going to update the Moddb page with whatever faction preview we have. obviously the first stream will be the old ones :P

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anyways, look really cool e_e

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Indeed, Dreadfort Infantry is my favorite. Such badasses.

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So those regional units can only be recruited and replenished in certain regions I assume?

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