Aegon I Targaryen has landed in Westeros and stated his claim as the one true King of Westeros. The local Kings take up arms against this would be conqueror, but can they hope for victory against these mighty Dragons?. A huge thanks to Dux and his team for letting me use King of Rivers and Hills for this project.

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A Map of Ice and Fire, my pet project, building a map of Westeros and the coast of Essos to allow for multiple scenarios on a grander scale than previously allowed. The Age of Heroes, Andal Invasion, War of Conquest, Dance of Dragons, Blackfyre Rebellions and everything beyond. The map as a clean slate can be filled with characters to fill every conflict across the ages. A true Map of Ice and Fire. Coming to a War of Conquest soon...

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A Map of Ice and Fire

I'm alive! And with that out the way I can announce (a little late) that War of Conquest has a pretty major overhaul patch in the works, starting with but not limited to a brand new shiny map of Westeros and some nearby regions across the Narrow Sea. A map that puts all others to shame... or so is my evil plot...

^ Here's a video showing off the latest work, as of the time I'm typing this. Keep in mind everything is subject to improvement and it's still early days; I'll not go into listing off the countless hours and weeks I've put into this already nor the daunting amount of work left undone, but we'll eventually have something great! Or... well... I've come too far to turn back. Forward! To victory or defeat, we go forward!

War of Conquest will be using this new map. I will also aim to release the next version with my own custom UI, unique portraits for every general, unit cards, strat models and countless other photoshop tasks I've set myself. This is my goal. This is my dragon. And by the gods I shall slay the seven hells out of it...

Thanks for reading. :D
- SoulGamesInc


Kick ***

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Won't this crash constantly?

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SoulGamesInc Author

No. Why would it? The currently available version of 'War of Conquest' is alpha. War of Usurper is not for SinglePlayer. I intend to remove both once the new version is available.
So no, it wont crash constantly, because it wont be an unfinished Alpha.

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I asked because It is a huge map. No pun was intended.

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Is it ready to download and play???

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