Dont get rid of vice city as yet...preserve it in the form the best and most true total conversion out there: Final Justice. Homepage: Have you ever wanted to have the perfect high quality cars, the perfect map mods, the best textures and hi-res visuals, stunt parks and ramps in just the right places, additional cars taking up the extra IDEs and most importantly the perfect balance of fast cars and normal cars as was intended by Rockstar for the original vice city traffic? ? Heres your answer: Final Justice - a total conversion for vice city. You will find yourself firmly in the eighties driving around in real life high poly muscle cars made by the most experienced modelers in the community. Only the best of the best cars are featured in this mod. All vehicles have been tweaked to handle perfectly as they should in real life. The original vice city traffic system is maintained with sports cars replacing sports, sedans replacing sedans, convertables replacing convertibles etc. You will...

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