Codename Flashpoint (Formerly called Urban Conflict) is a semi-realistic mod for Battlefield 2, based on the new conflicts of the post-Cold War era.

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Really enjoyed the first release of the mod and after the patch it runs really smooth.

It adds a lot of factions that are not in any other mods; Polish army & Peshmerga to name a few. Nice weapons, maps, soldiers & vehicles.

Look forward to seeing the mod develop further.


Realy good mods!


Really awesome and fun mod! I especially love the tanks!


many factions and content


For first releases, this mod is fantastic.

Awesome mod!


Very good mod! Active modding team, awesome additions. Nice maps, new weapons.






ChrisT|GamingZone says

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Day 1 Release Review:

Good Parts:
Teams – One of the few modifications to include factions which are not mainstream.I saw Poland,Australia,and damn,even they added Peshmerga! A good adition to Battlefield 2 Modification Universe

Vehicles – New vehicles like BMP,good old fart UAZ from USSR (I know this crap since in Moldova we still have these roaming around) and even T-72 and other types of tanks are available.Another step to improve the gameplay “lore” in a modification

Semi-Realism – HUD was cut,only showing the tickets of enemy and friendly forces.It makes the gameplay harder then I though it would be.Also with such powerful enemies,you get surprized very easily from behind,or hell,even in front of you if you don’t pay attention at what happens nearby

Bad Parts:

Maps – Sadly maps are not as promising as I thought.Pre-Alpha did include awesome maps which made into final product,but others are just boring and some of them even broken.The Oil Rig map has “Mirror” water,the Peshmerga map is too “close quarters”,with Iraq forces easily overcoming everything.
And sadly,some maps displayed in the gallery are not present,like this map Sharqi Stormfront 2 or this map Village. This bad part makes the modification have a worse mark than I expected

Weapons – Don’t get me wrong,models and animations are nice.Their balance are fantastic,and do great amount of damage if they are in right hands.But being recycled between the teams is not very great. Lets take as an example Peshmerga,Iraq,Insurgents and Polish Forces. They share AK47 nearly in every kit (excepting Poland with it only being on Medic Class).

Crashes – Crash Adept coming in. I think its time to start a hall of Crash Adepts on my channel,starting from today. Maps with Australian Forces refuse to load,basically making the team impossible to play. I didn’t knew about this issue,and I failed to record gameplay with Aussies this time
Also modification crashes sometimes when you spawn,a common issue found in Death is Alive mod

------ ------------------------Final Verdict --------------------------------

7/10 – Gameplay is good,including rare found teams in modifications,more vehicles included which also feature new interface,and semi-realistic gameplay makes up a great modification.I was hoping for a better mark,but due to bad parts I mentioned previously,the modification is not in its perfect shape as it should be.
Being a Crash Adept lowers the chances to get a 10/10 by 1 point,which I crucial for such a mark.

Review and the mark will change after each update of course :)
This modification is promising,dont let the pace go!

V1.1 Update Review:

Good Parts: Most of the problems where finally fixed! No more Mirror Water on Al Faw Assault,Iraq has a chance to win against Peshmerga,and Australia Team is finally playable!

Bad Parts: There are some problems with the map balancing,but I rest assured that they will be fixed in the upcoming releases

8/10 - Great Job! I hope to see a new patch soon,and also add more weapons,maps and vehicles!

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