The Resistance have mobilized agaisnt the Combine, causing the streets of City 17 to be turned into a warzone. Fight for the Resistance as a Rebel or fight against it as a Combine, as an Offensive, Defensive, or Support class. Uprise is an urban warfare multi-player mod for Alien Swarm, featuring various unique gameplay modes with a familiar scenarios. The Rebels and Combine both struggle for the resources needed to fight and survive the uprise.

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Resource Control Concept
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Resource Control Concept

To gain control of the resources in Uprise, both factions must do two things; Each faction must capture at least one resource node (Circle), located around the map. Secondly to gain control of the resource a faction must own the main resource (Thunder Bolt).

Once both objectives have been completed, the faction will gain control of the resource and must fend off the opposing faction until they resource is drained, the more nodes means a faster drain. After this the map has been won by the faction who has drained the resource.

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