Unsung, a World War I adventure in Wolfenstein 3D, lets you slog through the trenches in true pixelated FPS fashion.

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Never before have I seen a WWI mod for Wolf3D, and I've been modding for 10 years now! Been playing Wolf3d since '92...

I believe Unsung's gameplay is successful with capturing the grittiness and somewhat horrific atmosphere of the war to end all wars. As with all mods and games there are a few things to nitpick on, things player will think could use improvement, but I believe this mod well deserves a 10/10 rating for it's uniqueness and enjoyable gameplay.

Its weird having to face the same rifle toting troops, the regular kind of trooper should come in variants with a MP40 or the trench shotgun (one of the few shotguns actually modified for war use). I think that the flamethrower dudes really need faster movie flames because I have not been hit once as of yet.

That level with all those trees is really badly designed, the trees are way to far apart that it makes it difficult to tell whether you can get passed them or not. If you want players to know where they are going put the trees closer together so the path is more obvious so you don't get stuck on trees, like in real life.

I like the story telling aspects, the game is of decent length and features simple yet addictive gameplay. The addition of a reload key and medkits is very appreciated.


Nostalgic, got some ideas, and works on my old notebook:)! Great game!


reallly cool think of the coolest thing ever and multiply it by chuck noris still not even close to recab really cool.

Stellar, extremely well-crafted and polished WW1-themed TC for Wolf 3D. It has that elusive quality that quite a few Wolf and Doom TCs tried to achieve: it actually -feels- like a really good early 90s FPS, and not like a recent TC.


A original mod featuring fantastic graphics and challenging gameplay. I personally love the ending as well. The only negative is that it's at times hard to aim with the weapons. But apart from that, it's a really enjoyable game.


Best mod for Wolf3D!


Its one of the ww1 total modifications I ever played...and I gave you a 9 because of no play with my baby shottie m1897 and a mounted gun...The story merges you really cool :)


while I can respect that you clearly worked very hard on this. its control scheme ruins it. Besides that, the game really just doesn't work.


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Good mod, but it's a bit too short. I played it on Extreme difficulty and I finished it in an hour or so, really, I found it extremely easy lol. Hopefully you'll add more stuff to this mod in the future, 'cause WW1 is a nice setting.

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