Experience dark winter as never before; this plugin adds a great island far north, until recently completely isolated from Tamrielic law. Now that the Imperials have arrived and colonized the island, complications with the local Nords are undeniably present and the area’s agitation is tangible.

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Dec 23 2010 Anchor

Report bugs found within the mod.

Dec 23 2010 Anchor

Major Bugs

After I'd fetched the ring of warmth from the cabin in... the ship... whenever I tried to cast the first healing spell (And maybe other healing spells, I lost my saves so I'm not far enough into the game to have many... :P) the game would crash out. This stopped as soon as I arrived at Thorlak island proper!

Minor Bugs

The recruitment office is the same building as the thieves guild hideout
After seeing some suspicious blood stains on the floor of the recruitment office, I removed clipping to find a dead Emperor! Complete with amulet of kings! I'm not sure if that'll affect the main quest line either.
The clapping during the meeting in the Titania was a bit out of sync, sometimes people wouldn't clap and rarely at the same time
When Terrus attacked me aboard the boat, he would yield, allowing me to talk to him before he resumed attacking me
The island where the boat crashed had some darkly coloured rocks, and some rocks the pale white it should be because of the blizzard
The world map on the island where the boat crashes had a bugged world map, though that may also be because of BT mod, or other mods to enhance the UI
The cellar in the inn is illegal to enter after starting the quest to deal with his son (Sorry about the non-specific quest naming!)

A very minor issue is the levelling, like I mentioned earlier, I had to start the game again, so I'm a very low level character meaning the giant crabs and the forgotten son had their wicked way with me! Maybe wait until after the main quest to trigger thorlak?
Some of the dialogue also seemed a bit clunky, it always served its purpose, getting across what was necessary, I jsut felt it could have been a bit more flowing in places!
It is important to note though, that I'm an anal retentive player, hell bent on doing absolutely everything that can be done, and exploring every nook and cranny, so things I find are probably gonna be overlooked by normal players :P
That's as far as I got really... I'm gonna go get strong and then I'll come back and play through the rest of Thorlak! Sorry to have pulled it apart so soon after release :(

Dec 24 2010 Anchor

Thank you very much, I'll get it all worked out in the next release, you noticed some things I had no idea were there! :D Oh and yes I am aware some of the stuff is a bit high level, it's not really meant for all new characters (in fact it's next to impossible with a new character). The dead emperor one is an old easter egg that was put in a year ago or something. Actually one of the other team members and I disagreed as to whether or not anyone would ever find it xD Once again, thank you that was much more in-depth than I would have expected!

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