The Rift is a Persistent World (PW) module, built in Neverwinter Night's Aurora Toolset and designed for a large number of players. The module is inspired from elements of some of the best RPGs of all time including: The Legend of Zelda, the Elder Scrolls, Secret of Mana, The Lord of the Rings, and Neverwinter Nights. The initial idea was inspired by the movie Timeline.

Over the past month I've made some big changes and have been testing constantly. As of now, all game-breaking bugs have been dealt with and the module is completely playable up to level 16 which is currently the highest the linear content will take you.

Posted by Psynexus on Mar 1st, 2011

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Over the past month I've made some big changes and have been testing constantly. As of now, all game-breaking bugs have been dealt with and the module is completely playable up to level 16 which is currently the highest the linear content will take you.

I'm working in the level 15+ area, namely Eventide and the surrounding areas (Werewoods, The Old Passages, and some secret areas). I've successfully implemented the early version of the Deity system as well as the Vampire/Lycan system, which is based on the system used in Oblivion with some changes. Details to follow.

Vampires & Lycans:

The chance of being bitten is randomly based on whether the PC is in combat with a vampire or lycan or upon resting in an infested area. When bitten, the PC will be notified and cursed, decreasing all stats by 1. When this happens, the PC will have a choice to make:

1) Seek out a priest to remove the curse from you.
2) Rest, allowing the curse to overtake you.

If you choose to seek healing, you will return to your normal self but will be vulnerable to another bite. However, if you choose to do nothing, you will remain cursed indefinitely unless you rest. When you rest, the curse will be removed and the first stage of the transformation will begin.

There are a total of five stages and different ability increases/decreased that go along with it. Essentially, for every ability gained, there will also be a drawback - making a vampire/lycan circumstantially good or bad depending on what the player prefers (no OP characters). The benefits and drawbacks of each stage are not set in stone yet, but include things like speed increases, stat bonuses, immunities, as well as some other "special abilities" that will be added later. ;)

Naturally, a player who is a cleric or paladin would not be looked on favorably by their god if they allowed such a curse to run its course, but a player who would like to augment their combat abilities and is neutral/evil-oriented or simply doesn't care would find some interesting benefits in being a vampire or lycan.

Deities & Piety:

Deity and Piety work like so; the player is allowed to pray for aid a few times per day. Each time they do, there is a chance to receive a blessing form their deity based on random chance + their piety. Their piety bonus is based on how often they pray as well as how pleased their deity is with them. Ways to please a deity include but are not limited to:

* How often they pray
* Advancement in level
* Committing acts aligned with your deities alignment.
* Other things

The player may receive a blessing at the alter or while in combat. All blessings become greater the more pious a player is. Blessings include things like celestial summons, XP bonuses and even smiting of enemies. ;D

To Do:

I hope to implement the Oblivion-style stealth system soon, where stealth-based players will be able to pick-pocket, rob, and the more nefarious will be able to murder. All of this, you can already do - however I would like to make some changes on the original system, such as having guards alerted to a trespassing player and warning that player to leave when they are caught. Also, if the player is found with any stolen goods, they will be asked to give them up or go to jail.

If the player surrenders the stolen items, they will be warned and escorted to a safe area. If the player decides to fight his way out, the guard will attack and attempt to defeat the player. If the player wins the fight, he can attempt to vanish again while the NPC flees the area in fear and can essentially ransack the place they're robbing. If the player loses the fight, the guard will take you to jail, confiscating all your possessions until you pay the fine. The player can also attempt to escape if his Open Lock skill is high enough to pick the door of the cell he's in. If you attempt that, pray that your Hide/Move Silently skills are higher than that of the guards patrolling the dungeon you're in, or it's right back to your cell (after a quick beating, mind you)!

I hope you found this update interesting and that it will inspire you to give the module a try. I'm still in need of testers and scripters who know their way around the Aurora toolset for NWN so if you've got the time and ability and want to help out, let me know.


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Also_known_as_Peter Mar 2 2011 says:

Ah, I see that you have also implemented a vampire/lycan system ito your module.

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Psynexus Author
Psynexus Mar 4 2011 replied:

That I have. That idea was inspired from Oblivion. One thing that kept me playing for the 500+ hours I've put into the game is how the leveling never really ends, and there's always one more thing you can do to become more powerful. I decided that adding vampires and (when implemented) lich's would add a unique path for characters to go down as well as add additional end-game content. Because, let's face it, most MMOs have weak end-game IMO, yet I've played Oblivion so much that I probably need an interverntion. ^_^

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KnightofEquulei Mar 4 2011 says:

Ha ha ha. I don't know who did that first. Me, DA_MASTA or you. Anyway, the module sounds interesting. Keep it up. Moddb could use with more module producers for NWN. At the moment, only Dragon Studios (Me, DA_MASTA and others) are releasing modules on here.

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Psynexus Author
Psynexus Mar 4 2011 replied:

I've been pretty disheartened at the apparent lack of module-builders left, which is somewhat shocking since CEP is still releasing updates. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I'm here now, and I've got enough ideas about what my ultimate RPG would be. The only thing I need now is scripters, modders, and players to give me the support I need to get through this beast. :)

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Also_known_as_Peter Mar 5 2011 replied:

I'm sure you'll get a lot of people over here.

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