--- This mod has been renamed Wars of Liberty, please go there for future updates! --- The War of the Triple Alliance is a mod for Age of Empires III, presenting 5 new civilizations, a unique new culture, and many other new features. The mod focuses on the War its name denotes, featuring a new Latin American culture along with 4 new civilizations; The Brazilian Empire, Paraguay, Argentina and Gran Colombia. Also from the South American continent are the Tupi Native Americans as a civilization. All civilizations will have unique units, technologies, homecities, cards, leaders, AIs and buildings. All 14 original Age of Empires III nations will also be redesigned to fit the time period, including a revolution for the natives and an exclusive age 5 tech that will change the endgame. Along with these nations are many natives and maps from every continent in the world.

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The Wars of Liberty team is proud to announce that we will be hosting our first official tournament on ESOC early next year! Be sure to update your game to 1.0.9g or download our new installer if you're playing for the first time, and get practicing! Announcements about sign-ups, rules, and prizes are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Wars of Liberty: Cheese Hunt


The Wars of Liberty team, in partnership with the ESO-Community team, is proud to announce that our first official tournament will begin early next year, hosted on the ESO-Community forums! The theme of this tournament is a little different from your standard matchup: we on the WoL team know that our mod will never be as well balanced as a well designed and tested patch like the EP, so we need your help to find what's broken! We want you to find our most overpowered units, broken strategies, and unbalanced civs so we know what needs fixing. We hope this will translate into a fun and unique tournament for new and longtime WoL fans alike!

Signups will begin soon after the Autumn Championship ends, so be sure to use the time in between to download the mod and learn the unique civilizations, maps, and playstyles included in WoL! Details on the civilizations and maps, dates, prizes, and other information will be coming over the next month, so stay tuned!

We are also proud to announce that the Wars of Liberty Installer now includes the latest update and will create a new copy of your game installation if you would like to keep both your original game and the mod!

How to get Wars of Liberty

For new players

For returning players
If you've downloaded the Updater since June 30, 2017, simply run it to make sure your game is up to date! Otherwise, download the Updater and run it. The current version is 1.0.9g, released December 17, 2017.

Alternative download options can be found on our redesigned downloads page.

Prepare for the tournament

Be sure to view the information on our website about each civ before playing them in game. You can also get a look at every WoL civ and many of our maps by watching the Official Gameplay Videos on our YouTube channel, which feature nearly every civilization in the mod, or test them out yourself in singleplayer or LAN by downloading fully-levelled Home Cities from our site. We are also excited to announce that we will be releasing civilization overview videos narrated by ESOC's very own Interjection to help introduce players to our diverse new civs!

Future Releases

In order to keep the mod version consistent leading up to and during the tournament period, patch 1.0.10 will be delayed until after the tournament completes. However, our fans should be happy to hear that this will allow us to add much more new content in this version - besides the previously-announced Haitians, we also hope to include the Danish and Belgians, reworked Aztecs, new buildingsets generously provided by Omkar Satapathy of the Graphics Mod, and the long-anticipated return of the Great War mode!

Don't Forget!

With all of this exciting news in the air, we hope you remember to vote for us for the second round of ModDB's Mod of the Year 2017! Voting closes in tomorrow, so please visit the top 100 page and click "Vote" to show us your support! Thanks!

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