The Walking Dead Battlefront is an expansion mod for Star Wars Battlefront being developed by Phobos, the greatest and most talented SWBF modder champion of all-time. (SWBF v1.2 PC 2004) TWD Battlefront is officially the best SWBF mod of all time, being designed by, the community which leads the evolution of SWBF. The project manager Phobos is the best SWBF modder that has ever been, winner of Halloween SWBF modding contests 2012-2017, modder of the century and SWBFSpy community leader. TWDBF features a Campaign for singleplayer and multiplayer based on the show. Other custom modes such as Deathmatch and Capture The Flag are also being added. For more information visit

v0.96 was released Halloween 2017. As of January 4th 2017 v0.91 is available to download on ModDB as an Early Access demo build for alpha testing. v0.94 can be downloaded as of May 3rd 2017. Also be sure to check out Night Of The Living Dead Battlefront Mod


The SWBF community uses Master Server. Visit to download mods and the patch! As of June 2017, the previous domains twd,fcsite,ml & twd,swbfgamers,com are no longer operational and have been deleted by their domain hosts, due to their opposition towards my projects. Official websites for The Walking Dead Battlefront include the following domains: &

Update Oct 1st: ReadMe Addendum on our website addressing some of the latest comments from haters of this mod

TWD Battlefront Official Development Team
Lead Developer - Phobos
Active Beta Testers - Phobos
Inactive Modelers - Bamdur, Ginev, Sereja
Inactive Skinners -
Inactive Beta Testers - [FC]Shazam, [FC]Elite, [FC]Helios, KomissarReb, AkiiVox
Inactive Reviewers - TheGangstarTY

Special thanks to these modders for their extensive contributions, without which TWD mod might not have been possible: Bamdur, BattleBelk, Ginev, Psych0fred, Phobos, Sereja, Taivyx

Special thanks to the following players for donating personal funds to the mod project: Phobos

Featuring 6 Unique Game Modes!
This mod adds several new gameplay modes to SWBF1 for a variety of replay value. Currently Deathmatch and TDM are only supported in SP, though support for MP could be added in a future patch using era script mods.
Apocalypse Campaign - The main mode featuring playable missions from the TV series. Includes non-canon special zombies such as brutes, bloaters, runners, and Z dogs. In singleplayer, maps are beaten progressively and certain bonuses can be unlocked. In multiplayer, maps can be played out of order as chosen by the server host, up to 24 maps per session.
Capture The Flag - Ideas for CTF mode are being tested, one-flag mode should be possible using a new workaround idea, though it might not function exactly as SWBF2 and only on a limited number of maps.
Deathmatch - Every player and AI fights for themselves on randomized stock maps, with the main factions being randomized TWD characters and bandits. Zombies are featured on stock maps with native support.
Team Deathmatch - Combat on a randomized stock map, with randomized main factions and native factions, such as survivors vs zombies, bandits vs zombies, survivors vs bandits, etc.
Infected Mercy - Everyone in your group has been bitten by zombies and infected with the virus. All your friends have already died and become zombies; they must be given a final mercy shot before either you turn into a zombie or kill yourself. You're on a timer and only have five minutes before dying from infection and blood loss. Additional injuries from zombies reduce your lifespan even further.
Undead Assault - Survive 10 increasingly difficult waves of undead siege on iconic maps such as The Farm, Prison, Woodbury, and Terminus. This is the hardest mode and can only be featured for a few maps.

The Atlanta 13 = Rick, Shane, Morgan, Glenn, Andrea, T-Dog/Tyreese, Merle, Daryl, Lori, Dale, Jim, Carol, Edwin
Season 1 of the mod introduces 13 playable main characters. Most of them won't survive the entire campaign. In the comics there are currently only 3 Original Atlanteans still alive, and in the show there are 5. The Walking Dead Battlefront is about as different to the show as the show is to the comic, so it features both iconic similarities and unique remixes to The Walking Dead storyline.

April 2013 - Ideas about TWD mod first discussed by Phobos and Wolf in the Zombie Conquest mod EvolveHQ server
July 2013 - Ideas about the mod discussed publicly by Phobos and Helios
September 2013 - SWBFSpy master server is created by Phobos and Wolf
March 2014 - Development begins as a private mod project
Halloween 2014 - NOTLD released publicly
November 2014 - Mod development announced publicly
January 2015 - v0.50 demo & Private development board added for mod discussions
June 2015 - v0.60
July 2015 - v0.65
October 2015 - v0.75
June 2016 - v0.84 & Launch of website
July 2016 - v0.85
August 2016 - v0.86
September 2016 - v0.88
October 2016 - v0.90
November 2016 - v0.905
December 2016 - v0.907
January 2017 - v0.91 Early Access mod demo released to the public
March 2017 - v0.92
April 2017 - v0.93
May 2017 - v0.94 Final mod build released to the public due to hostility towards SWBFModders
June 2017 - Previous domains twd,swbfgamers,com and twd,fcsite,ml are deleted permanently, Launch of main website, Mod distribution becomes private only forever.
July 2017 - v0.95
TBA 2017 - v0.96
TBA 2017 - v0.97

Note - None of the sections are 100% complete yet, each update to the mod lists included features. If you notice any missing credits for anything used in the mod, you should notify Phobos on
Phobos - Mod Creator, Model Designer, LUA/ODF/Map Developer, Cutscene & Sound Editor
Special thanks to - The Walking Dead cast and crew and fans of the mod
Robert Kirkman - Comic Creator
Tony Moore & Charlie Adlard - Comic Artwork
Frank Darabont - TV Show Creator
Max Brooks - Zombie Survival Guide and WWZ Author
George Romero - Zombie Genre Pioneer (RIP July 2017)
George Lucas - Star Wars Creator
Chris Fusco - SWBF Mod Tools Creator

Characters S1-7
Abraham - Phobos
Andrea - Deviss
Axel - Deviss
Billy - ??? (Heroes Assets Pack)
Bob - Pandemic
Bruce - Deviss
Carol - Sereja & Phobos
Dale - Sereja & Phobos
Daryl - Bamdur, Sereja, & Phobos
Dexter - Deviss
Edwin - Sereja & Phobos
Eugene - Pandemic
Ezekiel - Phobos & ??? (Heroes Assets Pack)
Glenn - Phobos
Hershel - Phobos
Jesus - Phobos & ??? (Heroes Assets Pack)
Jim - Sereja
Lori - Pandemic
Maggie - Sereja & Phobos
Magna - Psych0fred & Phobos & Graves
Martinez - Phobos
Merle - Actiroan & Phobos
Milton - Deviss
Morgan - Phobos & Dann Boeing
Negan - Phobos & Syth
Otis - Sereja & Phobos
Patricia - Sereja
Rick - Phobos & ARCTroopaNate
Rosita - Pandemic
Shane - Phobos
Shiva - Umar6419 & Ginev
The Governor - Deviss & NeoMarz
Tara - Javitolo98
Tyreese - Phobos

Cops - Phobos
Bandits - Taivyx
Cowboy Bandits - Phobos & Sereja
Kingdom Archer - Phobos & Pandemic
Kingdom Knight - ???
Military Soldier - B.I.G Cookie & Phobos
Military Vanguard - B.I.G Cookie & Phobos
Military Grenader - Sereja
Military Assassin - Ginev
Military Pyro - Phobos

Prop Models
Various Props - Phobos & Squeddie & Caleb1117
Wooden Board - Sereja
Crate - Phobos
Bathtub - Phobos
Palm Tree - Phobos
Telephone Pole/Wire - Phobos
Roadblock - Eddie
Sofa - Eddie
Table - Eddie
Gun Cabinet - Sereja
Rifle Prop - Andeweget
Fridge Texture - Phobos
Basement Floor Texture - Cisticola
Hookah with Smoke - Darth SpiderPig
Sky Comet and Plasma Effects - Sereja
Improved Roads - Tinchoz77 & Ginev

Maps Seasons 1-3
Days Gone Bye - Phobos
Grantville Park - Eddie
Streets of Atlanta - Rends & Phobos
Atlanta Nursing Home - Ginev & Phobos
Atlanta Skyscraper Roof - Rends & Phobos
Atlanta Survivor Camp - Bamdur & Phobos
Center for Disease Control - Skyhammer_216 & Phobos
Interstate 85 - Phobos
FEMA Aid Station - Sereja
Hershel's Farm - Phobos
Carriage Castle Tavern - Sereja & Phobos
The Executioner - Sereja
Miles Behind Us - Vyse7 & Phobos
Helicopter Crashsite - ??? (Creator of Endor Long Valley) & Phobos
Woodbury - Eddie
Grassy Plains - Ty294 & Phobos
Abandoned Warehouse - Pandemic & Phobos
Wilteshire Estates - Darth Derkie & Saturn V & Eddie
Forest Temple Ruins - CommanderCJ420
Radio Station Outpost - Ginev & Caleb1117 & Phobos
The Kingdom - Vonfrank & Phobos
Call Of Duty Shipment - Abel
Jabba's Palace (Minimalist Edition) - Pandemic & Phobos

Military Hummer + Turret - Phobos & Sereja
AH-6 Helicopter - Nikoli & Phobos
Boeing CH-47D Chinook Helicopter - Phobos & & Fadhil_Farook
Mark VIII Tank - Sereja
Motorcycle - 3DRegenerator & Phobos
RV Motorhome - SUNGOD & Ginev
Bicycle - Dann Boeing
Car - Froggy
SUV - Froggy
Hippy Van - Dann Boeing
Limousine + Turret - Sereja
Police Cruiser - Dann Boeing
Sailbarge - Sereja
Submarine - Makrushin Andrey & Phobos
UHAUL Truck - SUNGOD & Ginev & Phobos
Box Truck - SUNGOD & Ginev & Phobos
Paraglider - Sereja
International Space Station - Nyji & Phobos

Ghoul - Sereja, Helkaan, & Phobos
Thrall - Phobos
Rotter - Phobos
Swarmer - Phobos
Feeder - Sereja & Phobos
FleshEater - Helkaan
Nurse - Sereja & Phobos
Construction Worker - Pandemic & Phobos
Johnny Runner - Sereja
Funeral Director - Phobos
Crawler - Phobos & Sereja
Blaster - Phobos
Runner - Phobos & Sereja
Senator - Phobos & Dann Boeing
Female Officer - Phobos
Z Cop - Phobos
Sheriff Runner - Phobos & Deviss
ARMY Brute - Phobos
SWAT Brute - Taivyx, Actiroan, FragMe, & Phobos
Bloater - Phobos & Sereja
Boomer - Sereja & Phobos
Original Z Dog - Ant00N, Sereja, Phobos, & Ginev
Resident Evil Z Dog - 3DRegenerator & Phobos
Zombie Bear - Umar6419 & Phobos
Zombie Lion - Steve45 & Phobos
Zombie Elephant - Steve45 & Phobos

Longbow, Arrow, & Quiver - Sereja
Horton Scout HD 125 Crossbow - Rohpunk & Ginev
Explosive Crossbow - Azlyirnizam & Phobos
Flintlock Pistol - Llew & Ginev
Luger Parabellum 1908 - Phobos
Walther PPK - Linux User Awesome
Beretta M9 Pistol - Taivyx
Heckler & Koch P30 - Phobos
M93R Burst - Ginev
Smith & Wesson Revolver - Sereja
Colt 1851 Navy Revolver - Phobos
Desert Eagle Mark VII - Namka & Ginev
MAC-10 - Taivyx
MP5A3 - Taivyx
Tommy Gun - Sereja
AK-47 - Taivyx
M16A2 - Taivyx
M16A4 - Ginev & Phobos
M4A1 Carbine - Taivyx
XM8 - Taivyx
AUG - Ginev
Steyr AUG - *This has not yet been ported*
Flintlock Musket - Llew & Ginev
Winchester Model 70 Bolt-Action Rifle - Ibuildcircuits & Ginev
Winchester Model 94 Lever-Action Rifle - Phobos
M40A3 Tactical Sniper Rifle - Taivyx
Dragunov Sniper Rifle - Taivyx
Barrett M82A1 .50 Cal Sniper Rifle - Sereja
Remington 1100 Tactical Shotgun - Taivyx
Remington 870 Marine Magnum - Yuri.I Ginev & Phobos
Winchester 1897 Trenchgun - Sereja
Atchisson Assault Shotgun - Target & Phobos
Molotov Cocktails - Phobos
M-67 Hand Grenade - Sereja
Landmines - Pandemic
Propane Tank Bombs - Phobos
Dynamite - Willian & Ginev
WW2 Flamethrower & Tank - Sereja
MultiMortar Grenade Launcher - Wazmol
RPG-7 Launcher & Warhead - Taivyx
Caltrops - Ginev
Javelins - Pandemic
Log Traps - Pandemic
Chainsword - Phobos
Gravity Gun - Pandemic
Chaingun/Minigun - Fett and Caleb1117
Sentry Turret - Pandemic

Axe - Pandemic
Baseball Bat - Phobos
Bastard Sword - Lucas & Ginev
Battle Axe = AlpArt & Phobos
Bladed Brass Knuckle - Wazmol
Camp Axe - Sereja
Chainsword - Phobos
Climbing Axe - 3DRegenerator & Ginev
Cricket Bat - Phobos
Crowbar - Milanbon & Phobos
Flanged Mace - Tobbo & Ginev
Gator Machete - Sereja
Gator Machete Pro - Sereja
Glaive - ???
Guitar - Dann Boeing
Halberd - ???
Hammer - Sereja
Hatchet - Mohofoz & Ginev
Ice Axe - Sereja
Kwan Dao - ShotInTheFootProductions, Ginev, & Phobos
Katana - Phobos
KBAR Knife - Phobos
Kitchen Knife - Sereja
Knife - L5R
Light Whip - Sereja
Long Sickle - Yuri.I, Ginev, & Phobos
Lucille - Urgo, Ginev, & Phobos
Lumphammer - Sereja
Makeshift Axe - 3DRegenerator & Ginev
Ninja Katana - MileHighGuy
Ox Tounge Spear - Lucas & Ginev
Parang - Sereja
Pitchfork - Benne & Phobos
Scythe of Osiris - Dragon_Child & Ginev
Skull Battle Mace - BlackantMaster, Ginev, & Phobos
Shaolin Monk Spade - ShotInTheFootProductions, Ginev, & Phobos
Shovel - Brewster1952 & Ginev
Sickle - Sereja
Spiked Stone Axe - Ginev
Staff of Horus - Dragon_Child & Ginev
Trenchknife - Lolz22, Ginev, & Phobos
Viking Shield - Gothic Knight & Ginev
Warblade - ???
Wrench - Xoran & Ginev

Sound Effects
Sound Modding - Phobos & Sereja
Zombie Groans and Sounds - Sereja
Human Tactical Voiceovers - Sereja
Mission Briefing Voiceovers - Phobos
Zombie Dog Sounds -

Stock shell LUA and other modding assets - Psych0fred
NoBots Patcher - Phobos & Pandemic
MSH Editor - Phobos
Deployable AutoTurret Assets - Ginev
Yoda Animation Munger Tool - Ginev
BF2 To BF1 Unit Animation Conversion Tutorial - Sereja
Flamethrower and Fire Effects - Phobos & Sereja
Blood Effects - Phobos & Sereja
Bloater Toxic Gas Effects - Sereja
Various Weapon Icon Textures - Sereja
Zombie Explosion Chunks - Sereja & Phobos
Hologram Tutorial - Bamdur - Contains many useful models, several have been ported to SWBF - Listing firearms from the TV show many of which are similar in the mod - Listing melee weapons from the TV show and comic which are similar in the mod - Interesting ideas for the mod - Interesting ideas for the mod

Special thanks to these modders for their extensive contributions, without which TWD mod might not have been possible: Bamdur, BattleBelk, Ginev, Psych0fred, Phobos, Sereja, Taivyx

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Zombie Castle v1.0

Zombie Castle v1.0

Full Version

Zombie Castle Mod may only be distributed as described in the readme. Try to defend Helm's Deep from an undead army of rebel zombies. Zombie Castle works...

The Walking Dead Battlefront v0.947 patch

The Walking Dead Battlefront v0.947 patch


v0.947 shell patch C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC\Shell\ENG\Shell.LVL

The Walking Dead Battlefront v0.94

The Walking Dead Battlefront v0.94


Early Access public build of TWD Battlefront mod version 0.94

The Walking Dead Battlefront v0.91

The Walking Dead Battlefront v0.91


Early Access public build of TWD Battlefront mod version 0.91

Night Of The Living Dead

Night Of The Living Dead

Full Version 2 comments

Night Of The Living Dead (v1.11) is a challenging mod map designed for Star Wars Battlefront, with an innovative wave-based style of apocalyptic zombie...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 36)
[FC]Phobos Creator

I've updated the proper credits again for the mod description above

~TWD Battlefront Development Team~
Lead Developer - Phobos
Active Beta Testers - Phobos
Inactive Modelers - Bamdur, Ginev, Sereja
Inactive Skinners -
Inactive Beta Testers - [FC]Shazam, [FC]Elite, [FC]Helios, KomissarReb, AkiiVox
Inactive Reviewers - TheGangstarTY

Special thanks to these modders for their extensive contributions, without which TWD mod might not have been possible: Bamdur, BattleBelk, Ginev, Psych0fred, Phobos, Sereja, Taivyx

Reply Good karma+2 votes

a FTDW expension can be cool, what do you think about that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[FC]Phobos Creator

If there is enough ideas and character assets for it i might add FTWD as an expansion mode to a future patch.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
[FC]Phobos Creator

Build 0.94 is the second mod demo to be released publicly. 16 campaign levels are now playable online. All the campaign maps have been substantially improved. The campaign is now playable on both Medium and Hard difficulty. Additional support for other modes has also been added. A huge thanks to everyone supporting this epic mod project!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
[FC]Phobos Creator

2 bugs noted for v0.94 so far
1) SWBF crashes if you try to play The Farm or Kingdom on Undead Assault mode, but these maps can still be played through the instant action menu. This is due to accidental shell script bug and is already patched for the next build.
2) Level 5 still has bugged high resolution terrain, this time it's purple instead of black. This map should still be played with low terrain video quality settings until patched.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

I found a video that will be helpful to you as you (possibly) create a death trooper mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[FC]Phobos Creator

The next public mod build for TWD is being released within 1-3 months. This patch will include at least 100 improvements/bugfixes/new features added since v0.91. A few examples include new levels from future seasons, Undead Assault mode prototype maps such as The Kingdom, new weapons and substantial firearms/melee upgrades, improved zombie variety, new weapons and characters such as Negan and Shiva the tiger, and several map bugfixes. Check out the latest screenshots for more previews! #twdmodhype

Reply Good karma+3 votes
[FC]Phobos Creator

The campaign now features two playable settings for the Apocalypse Campaign: Medium and Hard. Progress under either difficulty is logged separately, and the game no longer crashes when players don't manually change the difficulty setting. Using the command ScriptCB_SetDifficulty() I've added a bugfix which automatically sets the appropriate difficulty setting for either mode of the campaign, regardless of what players have set it to before. If they try to change the difficulty setting through the pause menu mid-game and restart, only then does it crash the game. For MP the campaign difficulty enforcer doesn't work, so the MP scripts function on any difficulty, but they are designed to be used mainly on Hard.

I'm also testing ScriptCB_CloseNetShell() as a bugfix for "-Going from MP lobby to the SP campaign often causes a glitch where the map doesn't load. The game must be restarted and the campaign launched first. A bugfix is being investigated"

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Can you please tell me how to insert the mod into my copy of the game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[FC]Phobos Creator

Running the installer should place all the files where they need to be. It extracts most of the mod files to this folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC\TWD"

Reply Good karma+3 votes

They are all there, but when I run the game nothing happens, is this STEAM only?

EDIT: I found the issue, mod looks great :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What was the problem? I am having the same issue.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
[FC]Phobos Creator

You might need to change the install path settings during mod setup

Reply Good karma+3 votes
[FC]Phobos Creator

No it doesn't require Steam. Glad to hear you got the mod running!

Some players might need to change the default extraction path if they have SWBF installed on 32-bit or another drive such as D:\

Also the campaign is designed to be challenging, but in the next patch I may add a separate campaign option for lower difficulty if several players have trouble beating the campaign on hard (nightmare mode setting).

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