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Welcome to The Mortewood Plaza. Best summed up in three words; Zombies, Weapons and Mayhem! Created By Dec Doyle.

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The mod is not just shoot till you drop, nor is it complete a mission then replay the levels with a differnt difficulty setting. Its a mass load of story built cinematic missions and many game modes to not leave you bored!

Posted by Dec1234 on Nov 23rd, 2008

So far all i have planned is a few ideas, and only a few of the game modes tested and working.
Mortewood will allow user created maps in a custom "FREE-MODE" menu ingame that allows the user to load custom maps and game modes, and allows the player before loading to choose certian preformance settings to adject gameplay, e.g. the number of corpses that show, whether shadows are enabled ingame, the maximum decals and so on.

The game modes so far come with prefix's to allow the player to know what gamemode the map is.

sp_themall = This is a single player map one of the base ones that will come with the mod. Its an official story map linked with the others to form the actual mod singleplayer.

mm_docks = This is a mini mission map in which the player must complete a single player map were the mission can be anything, and may or may not have anything to do with the actual Mortewood story, it could involve getting to a safe house, or finding some survivors and so on.

sv_apartment = This is a survival map in which the player must survive waves of zombies, in which after surviving a wave they will be rewarded with a new weapon, or health. The longer the hide and cower, the more that spawn, the more they kill the more that spawn. Right until the player dies they can count how many waves the survived, or until they defeat a number of wavs can they complete the mission.

ex_courtyard = This is the extermination game mode were the player will be supplied with weapons and are sent to exterminate a set number of zombies, after killing a partial amount of this final number will the player be given more ammo and weapons.

rd_carpark = This is similar to the extermination game mode accept the player is bound to a vehicle, only in the vehicle can the player get kills, and when leaving the vehicle the player will slowly loose health. This contains the use of powerups that will repair your armour, give health, supply weapons or allow the player limited time to get kills out of the vehicle. Or even to get a better vehicle to kill with. The vehicles could be anything from a turret, car and even a crane.

ra_highway = This fun little game mode is were the player must race against an ai controlled driver to a finishline whilst avoided the masses of zombies that could slow them down, if you get stuck you are left to die, if not, you can go on ahead and win the race. In this gamemode the player is bound to his vehicle also.

zo_armybase = This game mode gives the player a snippit of what it is like to be a zombie, The player will play as a zombie, with other zombies on his team he must kill and eat everyone, if the zombie fails to eat, they starve and you loose the game. The idea is based on Stubbs The Zombie and will not feature anything from this game, just the basic zombie playerbility idea. The more people you kill and eat, the better zombie you have a choice of being.

All the maps are just ideas, their is no promise that they will be kept.

These are the game-modes as of yet, i hope you like them.

If you have any questions, or ideas of game modes and how they are played then dont be afriad and drop me a comment on your ideas, i promise i will comment all of you back as i am not a snobby developer :)


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Hellsevil22 Nov 24 2008, 9:33am says:

is there gonna be any multiplayer capibility or just single player

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Nov 24 2008, 10:58am replied:

I'm debating on a Mortewood Death-match, which is nothing but a death-match mod using all my maps, and mass load of weapons.

But a co-op is in the works, but not coming along well as i cant figure out npc lag compensation in a EP1 Engine. As soon as that is done a small co-op mod will be created :)

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EchoDelta Dec 16 2008, 4:17am replied:

the more suvivors, the better. The more weapons, the epicer

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Dec 17 2008, 3:42pm replied:

Perfect outlook on how games should be played :D

WOOO!!!! hehe

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EchoDelta May 2 2009, 5:21am replied:

and the gore, the more bloodier

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archkyrie Dec 3 2008, 12:31am says:

could you make a few alternate models you can replace zombies with? like have a game mode that swaps all the zombie for say... lawyers?

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Dec 3 2008, 2:42am replied:

Maybe, having all weapons changed for like one chainsaw spree would work, unsure about a lawyer haha.

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Cocodaconman Jan 11 2009, 6:03am says:

I think that the single layer and mini mission modes are the best, but I like the zombie car race thing and extermination, good luck! :)

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jan 11 2009, 8:14pm replied:

Thanks man :)

Hopefully i can pull it off :D

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Garfusa2 Jan 16 2009, 4:52pm says:

Realism mode:
-Players can only carry a certain amount of weapons (four maybe or one of each type. Pistol, rifle sized and heavy and grenades and a melee weapon.)
-Ammo is scarce, makes it more fun that way. 500 zombies and 5000 rounds or 5000 zombies and 500 rounds? :]
-Health is slowly diminishing when you get hurt, you slowly start to bleed to death getting slower as you do, location damage has negatives (arms accuracy, legs movement speed, head vision, hands cant operate weapons as well) screen going all dark and blurry, maybe the voices of your dead/dying teammates flood your ears when like this, as you go crazy from the pain, accuracy sucks and eventually you'll collapse. After all they did just tear a chunk out of you...
-Restoring health is from stopping bleeding, (bandages and sutures maybe a spray?) and resting. Sure stopping when some zombie smacks you for six to heal and recover is boring for some people but i personally love the idea of a really realistic zombie game. And the recovering lost hp is find a safe spot and rest, your char will slowly heal and possibly when hes resting in that "locked up safe room" the safe room gets attacked, then you have to defend yourself wounded and all. Though a realistic zombie game would mean you must not get hurt or you'll be infected and turn eventually. (plus zombies aren't real >.<)

Crazy wacky killing spree: You have a gun some ammo and loads of zombies. You do the math... your hard as nails, can carry an entire warehouse of weapons and the zombies keep coming and don't stop. (Think Serious Sam)

Food for thought :)

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Jan 18 2009, 7:41am replied:

The idea doesnt really fit with my zombie types but i love the idea, ill probably change it a bit, but ill have to see :)

Amazing idea man, thanks :D

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IgMasas Feb 24 2009, 1:45pm says:

There could be mode like defend the house ... From waves of zombies... :D

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Feb 26 2009, 7:47am replied:

Survival mode...

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IgMasas Feb 26 2009, 2:03pm says:

And weapons could or drop for zombies or be given for killed zombie difulti(zombie tougher the better the weapon)

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Feb 26 2009, 5:21pm replied:

Already in...

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IgMasas Feb 26 2009, 2:10pm says:

Like defend the house mode survival could be like run till you die... And this could well... Last few people baricaded them self in the house but zombies are coming and coming. (like military chopers could drop ammo boxes or you can have few helps like military choper comes and kills that zombie wave) when new guns are given player with the most points need to command people how do defend from next wave. And there should be boses or something.... It could be fun if in map were "bad" places where bad(those who don't listen should be banished and need to defend by them self. Sorry for mistakes and I hope you can imagine what I wanted to say... :D

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Feb 26 2009, 5:23pm replied:

Why you have split your idea into 3 comments in beyond me. I already have survival down, it will vary for maps but it already does exactly like survival would do. Bosses are in singleplayer. Game modes are not yet implemented into Co-op.

Its basically exactly what you said, only it will vary for different maps.

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IgMasas Feb 27 2009, 11:53am says:

ra mode could be to hit more zombies not avoid...

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Feb 27 2009, 4:37pm replied:

Erm No.

Hitting more zombies will slow you vehicle. You seem to think I haven't tested, nor thought these game modes through.

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IgMasas Mar 2 2009, 1:55pm says:

I say that it could be more fun or interesting to play like in twisted metal or something else. Kill more zombies than anyone else (if you drive to slow you cuold be killed) and be the last man standing...

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Mar 2 2009, 3:50pm replied:

Well not at the moment, that kinds takes it too far away from what im looking for.

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EricFong Mar 15 2009, 10:40am says:

Nice game play mod.zombie panic source can't compare to your mod now.

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Mar 17 2009, 11:59am replied:

Haha, well you cant say that really, they are two totally different games that use the same genre.

Its like comparing a world war 2 first person shooter, to a world war 2 plane dogfight simulator or something.

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Buttcake Mar 28 2009, 12:06am says:

I think some are kinda stupid, but thats just because im hardcore zombie survival rather than minigame stuff. Just opinion.

What about an infection game mode where there is one zombie, and lots of civilians, and civilians that get hit become zombies. Only hard thing with that would be coding decent civilian AI and coding the whole coming back to life thing.

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Dec1234 Author
Dec1234 Mar 28 2009, 9:33am replied:

I think you are stupid.

You ignorant idiot, how about do your research, this is NOT a hardcore zombie survival. It is all about fun, and im trying to give a lighter heart to zombie killing fun.

And i dont see how you can say they are stupid, then give me the worst suggestion for a game-mode ive ever had.

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EchoDelta May 2 2009, 5:26am says:

I think there should a gamemode where you are in the mall, and there is no way out exept holding off. Your armed with lots of weapons, supplies you need around you. Then after your prepared, you are heavily outnumbered by zombies then you have to try escape then...

(inspired off One Shot, One Kill in cod 4)

Its only an idea though.

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