The mod will re-tell the Galactic Civil War in a way that no other mod has. Will feature new units, maps, features, heroes, and more to come. (ON HOLD)

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Well, nothing new has happened..... You'll see why.

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School is still going on, and has put me hard at work. Therefore leaving me little time to mod. However, I am starting to return interest in my other mod, The Galactic Civil War, which has been sitting on the shelf for a good year. Sorry for the lack of news, and updates. School comes first ya' know.

501stcaptainrex Creator

School comes first for me to!

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Same here for all my GTA modding. Good Luck!

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Same for me! I get tons of schoolwork and find hardly any time to do anything else!

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EddieSmithWCHS2013 CreatorOnline

Same here, all AP classes can take alot of time!

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