Star Wars: The old republic's War is a mod that sets out to make a great SWTOR mod that will blow your mind! Epic space skirmishes and devestating battles for territoy in our massive galactic conquest maps!

This update will include, a unit list (subject to change) and some well... updates

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Unit list


Strident Destroyer (V1.0)

The strident will be one of the heavier units available to the republic, acting as a battleship and a hanger ship

Mercy Frigate (V1.0)

The mercy will be a heavy support class ship, used for assaults, but usually needs some company to do any real damage

Republic Dreadnaught (1.0)

The republic dreadnaught has the largest arsenal of weapons of all the republic ships, because of this and it's strong armor make it a good stand-alone ship

Defender Corvette (V1.0)

A light corvette or heavy fighter meant for anti-fighter duties

Inexpugnable Cruiser (V1.0)

A heavy ship used almost completely for its large hangers

Praetorian Frigate (V1.0)

A light frigate for anti corvette and light frigates

Paladin Destroyer and Aurek Fighter (V1.0)

The paladin is a light capital ship used for assaults and its hanger

Foray Corvette (V1.0)

The foray is a heavy corvette used for anti-fighter and corvette duties

Hammerhead Frigate (V1.0)

A frigate used for defense and assaults, best with other ships for backup

Republic Militia

using the old kotor armor and older weapons and coming in groups of 15 they are the lightest infantry available to the republic
Republic soldier

The most common republic unit seen on the ground, they come in groups of 12 and are good for large scale invasions and most other forms of ground assault

Also galactic conquest is starting to come
together and hopefully by the first release will be fully operational.

Perrydepwner Author

Remember that this is only the units done, and many more are in the process of being made.

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V.Metalic Online

The Republic "dreadnought" has a name now. Valor Cruiser :)

For land units, there is pretty a lot of possibilities.

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Perrydepwner Author

I know but i don't have a modeler to make units.

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Do you have a model for the Republic Militia? There used to be one on the Alpha Blue Modding site, but the site is dead.

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Perrydepwner Author

I do, all the units here are in-game, like i said many more are being made, but the lack of a modeler is making it difficult.

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Perrydepwner Author

There are 2 more units i forgot to add, the aurek fighter and the twintail (heavy fighter)

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