Star Wars: The old republic's War is a mod that sets out to make a great SWTOR mod that will blow your mind! Epic space skirmishes and devestating battles for territoy in our massive galactic conquest maps!

Now that were starting first of all, anyone want to help? Secondly I want to let you guys know why im doing this mod.

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Okay so like i said anyone want tot help? If you can and want to that would be extremely helpful. now for the explanation of why i'm making this, i heard that oraw (old republic at war) was going for a final, space only release, I decided that since he was ending at space, and I had a personal TOR (the old republic) mod why not go ahead and go public, also because there have been no sweawfoc tor mods.



oh ill help :)

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I'll certainly help if given the chance. I'm not a moddeler, but I am good with xml files, DAT text editing, and balancing units. And I just learned how to properly use the MTDeditor.

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I can to help, I have musics of TOR and I play at TOR (yeah!)and if you say me how edit .DAT I can to create a french version of the mod (MasterTextFile_FRENCH, yes because I'm french)

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When will this be realesed

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