The lines are drawn, around the galaxy, once peaceful planets are subjected to a hidden menace unlike any other. The menace of war. As the galaxy descends into turmoil heroes take a stand against evil while villians deviously pursue their own ambitions. Now, you must answer a question, which side do you stand in this conflict? You choice may bring freedom to the galaxy... Or it will haunt you forever. Prepare yourselves for the battle of your lives... Coming to a galaxy near you. Welcome to the Tides of War mod page! This mod will attempt to recreate the epic battles from the movies that we have known and loved as well as creating a new fighting experience. This mod features: 17+ new maps, plus a couple new modes, vastly improved AI, dozens of new characters, weapons and vehicles, a new shell and ingame.lvl, 9+ campaign missions and brand new combat dynamics. Thanks to everyone of this great community for your support and suggestions, we really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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We're looking for someone to help us manage our webpage, if you know something about managing mod profiles here then we could use your expertise, right now managing the profile is taking time that could be used for modding, so having someone who specifically does that would be much appreciated. We're working on a mod.

We're hard working but also know how to have some fun while we're doing it.

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Please send me an email at or a PM here on moddb.

Star Wars Battlefront II
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