The flames of war have spread far across the Galaxy, as more and more worlds are engulfed by the conflict between the waring factions. Nearly all planets feel the heat of battle, conflicts span the galaxy from Coruscant to Hoth. Battle for the Galaxy: Now is your chance. Wage war as the idealistic CIS, or the peacekeeping Republic. The resourceful Rebel Alliance, or the evil Galactic Empire. Make good use of your forces, and heroes. Lead vast legions of stormtroopers into the fray with the powerful Lord Vader or battalions of clones with Master Yoda. Fight on wild and exotic planets such as the icy wastes of Hoth to the wet and muddy world of Jabiim. Fight the battles you want, alter Star Wars history, or re-live it. You decide. Your battle for the galaxy is about to begin.

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The stormtroopers were direct descendants of the
clone troopers created from a template of Jango
Fett in 22 BBY to serve the Republic in the Clone
Wars. During the time of the Battle of Yavin,
Fett's clones were still used for the Empire,
although Fett's progeny were heavily
supplemented with clones from new DNA sources and
troopers recruited in the traditional way. When
the New Republic defeated the Empire in the
Galactic Civil War and took over the machinery of
galactic government, they terminated the
stormtrooper program including the cloning process
on Kamino. The Imperial Remnant continued to use
stormtroopers in battle until a peace treaty was
signed some years after. Following the treaty,
stormtroopers became little more than guards and
police officers on Remnant worlds, though they
fought along with their New Republic and Galactic
Alliance contemporaries against the Yuuzhan Vong.

Model by Drewry
Skin by Drewry

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