Star Trek: Age of War This mod is a multiplayer mod that enables you to witness the good old feeling of Star Trek once again. There are totally new sides, such ad the Federation (DUH!!), Klingons, Romulans, Dominion, and Borg (bum bum bum). If you like playing online, star trek, and mods, than this is the mod for you. Credits: Mod Designed by Darkshimmer Special thanks goes out to: =dU= Nexus mod team: Darkthunder DarkVIP DarkDrone GhostCat (Beta Tester Extrodinare) TheStressPuppy Ignus Chris Jones Maps by Darkthunder & Darkshimmer Model Conversions by DarkDrone, Darkthunder, and Darkshimmer. Hardpointing and Tactics by Darkshimmer, DarkDrone. Multiplayer Missions by DarkDrone. Models by Darkdrone, P81, Cleeve, Redragon, & TheStressPuppy GUI by Ignus, Darkthunder & Darkshimmer Music by Ignus Systems by Chris Jones, Darkshimmer, Darkthunder. Special thanks to the following People: Rainman Aparso EnigmaZ Your posting of scripts helpped move this mod along. Survial Mission by Monty,...

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Jun 23rd, 2012

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Sep 15th, 2011

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Feb 7th, 2010

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Feb 1st, 2009

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Oct 3rd, 2008

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Aug 26th, 2008

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Jul 16th, 2008

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Mar 23rd, 2008

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Jan 27th, 2008

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Jan 5th, 2008

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