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Valerie_Valens says

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One of the best gameplay modifications ever made. Considering that Serious Sam already offers insanely massive encounters. This mod turns the insanity up to 11 and multiplies the enemy count by at least 4 times, adds new enemy encounters, new enemy types, including the Chaingun Biomech and the Zorg Cannoneer, extra power ups, and adds extra features like the medikit and enemy infighting and beefs up your arsenal to new insane heights.


alfaalex101 says

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If you think you've seen it all and done it all in terms of FPS games - then you haven't tried Serious Violence. Seriously, this mod will have you shaking your head in disbelief how insane the game becomes. This mod is so ridiculous - if .. Tourist mode is transformed into Serious Mode for this mod...and you choose Serious Mode which is taken into 2 player coop...and in 2 player coop the server setting is set to 200% more get a lot of "MOTHER OF GOD" moments. It gets boring after a while - but that's after you've had a rush of endorphins, dopamine and adrenaline unlike other games - Battlefield 3, FEAR, HL2, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament - none give you this rush. It truly is something to experience before you die. An 11 year old game on DX8 brought my brother's i7 and ATi 5750 to 40fps at 1280x1024 - just to give you an idea of how crazy this mod is(and it runs BF3 smooth like butter). To give you a small idea - imagine an army of suicide bombers - with the speed upgrade. Then throw in bulls like that. Then mech's everywhere with swirly rockets. Yea. I recommend playing it on a wired connection possibly even gigabit ethernet as on home wireless N it was lagging here and there. Usually a lag meant - uh oh. Rating is a 10/10 - haven't had this much fun from a video game in years. I plan on connecting two dummy players that are afk into a server and having me and someone else push on into the distance. Many thanks to the developers for giving me and my brother a great experience. Only complaint is that I wish we could see more guns. Guns are good.


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